Seating Options for Your Kitchen

Seating Options Blog Phote 1 The kitchen is the heart of the home and where we gather to prepare meals and enjoy them. Sometimes we are just grabbing a quick breakfast before getting the kids off to schools and other times we are having a dinner party with our closes friends. Seating options in the kitchen vary greatly and allow us a way to express our personal style. Table and chairs are the most common seating option but the commonality ends there. Tables can come in different shapes: round, oval, square, or rectangle, and many different sizes. The finishes and colors are also abundant. Some family kitchen tables have been passed down for generations and become a piece of the family’s story. Many kitchen tables are expandable and can adjust to the needs of the event. A very popular option in seating these days is bench seating. A bench seat can allow for storage and can be upholstered with fabrics to brighten the kitchen. Sometimes a unique design, such as pictured below, can bring style and personality to a space. The unique curved banquette seating brings a focal point to the kitchen. Adding to the uniqueness of this seating arrangement is the custom glass top table and contracting, armless chairs.

Many homeowners decide to have stools at their islands or counters, adding additional seating to the eating area. Stools again like tables and chairs, come in many options and styles. Many people like to have stools without backs to allow them to be pushed under the counter top. Some others like comfortable stools that encourage a child to hang out while the parents are cooking. Stools can be used to add an accent color to kitchen, see below. Having flexibility and options makes the kitchen uniquely your own and the heart of your home.




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