Sometimes Rearranging And Flipping Spaces Gives Your Home A Better Flow

If you're looking for a fresh start in your home, rearranging and rethinking how you use your current space might be just the ticket. Taking a step back & getting a new perspective on the functionality of your home is a great way to take stock & make some changes to improve your everyday life.

Rearranging for Living

Our goal is to help make the living in your living room & surrounding spaces easier--we love how personalized a living or family room can be designed & rearranged to best meet the needs of the family using the space. Are you looking to rearrange your space to put a new flat screen television as the focal point? Or perhaps a cozy place for conversation & story telling is just what you are looking to create. Follow these layouts to reach that perfect feel you are looking for.

Focal Point

Whether it's eating popcorn & watching a comedy with your family, or showcasing a beautiful fireplace, a living room with a focal point arrangement  has a central point where furniture naturally flows to. Comfort is key to success in this type of layout--think comfy chairs, big pillows! Another way to test this layout is trying out every spot & making sure the view is top notch from every seat. Will your entire family be happy with each spot? What ways can you rearrange to get your current layout into a focal point layout?

This concept can be carried through your living room, kitchen or even basement--by aligning the purpose of a space & the components that make it up, you are setting yourself up success!

Rearrange Living Room

Happy Kid, Happy Parent Layout

If children are a new addition or growing presence in your home, taking time to rethink your space is a must. The functionality will naturally shift as your children get older & in order for you and your kiddos to get the most out of the space, adaptation is key to success.

Storage should be carefully thought out to create a working space where you children feel comfortable interacting with. This will also help with a room that may have multiple functions. During the day the living room floor may become a high speed race track & then transform into a book club at night. Thought out storage will help make the transition possible & fool proof.

A great way to distinguish between spaces within a room is creating boundaries with furniture. A couch or table can physically break up a space that is meant for the kids vs. adults.

Conversational Layout

Grouping furniture together with conversation in mind is great for family get-togethers, entertaining and hosting. If this is an important aspect of your day-to-day life, consider ways that you can rearrange furniture so that the flow of walking is around the main sitting area. The goal is to create an environment where the natural flow of walking is around the main area & you can easily get around the main space without interrupting the conversation.


Tip & Tricks

Rearranging your home can be a an exciting & doable project for you and your family. The spectrum of flipping your space can be as simple as moving a bookshelf, to moving where a reading nook is located on your first floor. Keep in mind these few tips & you'll be sure to have success in your newly arranged home:

Measure Three Times: If you want to change around a room's furniture or any structural aspect--measure out the space to ensure your vision can become a reality. Better to measure out and find the space won't work if it's rearranged, then making the move first and having to put back & start over.

Clean & Clear out: Make that fresh start worth it! By decluttering, cleaning and organizing, you may be half way there with the flow of a room. Starting with a blank slate might not be an option, but trying to get a room down to it's basics will help you plan your floor plan & the sense of accomplishment will be worth it!

Be Flexible: Rearranging can come in multiple phases-be prepared to really like the changes or want to go in another direction after you've started moving. As long as you go in with an open mind, you're golden!

Rethinking the use for a space is an exciting process that is highly recommended--it takes a room and can make it great. Are you always tripping over your coffee table? Or wish you could move your office desk into your kitchen? Be open to making some changes to give your home the best flow possible!