Now Trending: Chinoiserie Style Decor

If recent trends have anything to say about it, there's no better place to look for design inspiration that abroad. Just take a look at the moroccan poufs, Mexican serapes, and French-country decor that have taken over blogs and magazines lately. As much as we love those globally-inspired trends, perhaps our favorite international style of the moment comes from China -- Chinoiserie, which literally means Chinese-Inspired--is versatile, classic, and beautiful, and can be worked into a wide variety of decor styles and homes. A preppy take on the look. Image via How to Decorate

Looking to infuse your home with an on-trend touch? Try these stylish accents, which are classic elements of chinoiserie style decor.

1. Foo-Dog book ends. No doubt you've seen these on plenty a home decor blog, but quirky foo dogs are fun regardless. Because they're so popular at the moment, you shouldn't have any trouble finding the perfect pair to suit your style, whether you're looking for bright turquoise, gleaming gold, or simple white.

Foo Dog bookends from One Kings Lane

2. Chippendale chairs. Chinese Chippendale chairs, or bamboo chairs, have become essential to achieving a preppy decor look in recent years. Again, though you'll have no trouble finding these beauties in traditional and natural finishes, manufacturers like Ballard Designs and Selamat have jumped on the trend, and offer them lacquered in dozens of colors.

Chippendale side chairs from Ballard Designs

3. Chinese porcelain. Perhaps the biggest Chinoiserie-inspired trend is the omnipresence of Chinese porcelain. Though the blue-and-white patterns are a classic, and have been a staple in traditional homes for centuries, they're recently enjoying a new popularity. The style is extremely versatile, perfect for complementing french country, preppy, traditional, or eclectic decor. Though genuine, antique Chinese porcelain can be purchased through sites like (where a pair of authentic Chinese porcelain jars runs upwards of $3500), it's also easy to find reproductions for a fraction of the cost.

Porcelain jars from

4. Oversized toile prints. Though traditional Chinese toile is still hugely in fashion, in the last few years, textile houses have updated Chinese-inspired toile prints by blowing them up into large-scale scenic patterns featuring pagodas, cherry blossoms, birds, and other traditionally Asian motifs. Both small- and large-scale toiles are especially complementary when paired with graphic stripes and geometrics.

A pillow from Etsy in Schumacher's popular Pagoda print.

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