New Trends In Bars, Wine Racks And Hutches

The newest trend in kitchen & basement design is here, and it may make your very own home the hottest wine spot or hoppin' bar---the personalized in-home bar. With this trend picking up steam, the options to customize the space to meet your needs and wants are boundless. With so many great options out there, it's important to factor in what you want out of the space--is a casual space to bond with family and friends a must? A perfectly chilled glass of wine after work a necessity? An entertaining hub for social events? Or maybe a space that can do all of the above! We've seen some great set-ups that we want to share with you and go through the details that made each home owner so happy with their personalized cocktail-mixing & wine-pouring stations.

Glassware Storage

Glassware come in all shapes and sizes and we love showing them off in any bar area. It's a thing of beauty to showcase your collection of stemware, margarita glasses or beer glasses--add functionality into the equation and you are all set.

Racks for wine glasses that make for swift retrieval or glass cabinets that allow you to see exactly what you're looking for are a great way to turn your accessories into decorum. Pull out drawers are also a great option for less-used stemware or special occasion glassware.

Under-Counter Wine Refrigeration

We love combining interior design with our client's love for wine--a great way to do this, whether you are just starting off on your wine journey, or are a seasoned veteran is with a wine refrigerator that can slide right into the cabinetry of your bar.

Wine chillers are generally 34" high by 24" wide--if you are looking for a free-standing model, they can be narrower. Being able to store your wine properly is the key to success; with a digital thermostat, you can control the temperature to meet each and every bottle's needs. On top of this, some manufacturers are taking it a step further and are creating refrigeration systems that have two-zone temperatures to optimally store your reds, whites and sparkling wines.

Shelving varies from model to model, but we love the slightly tilted wooden-faced shelves that can be removed to store varied sized bottles. Models with digital temperature controls outside the unit are also ideal to keep temps consistent by not having to open the door every time to monitor or change the temperature. Features like water bins to help maintain humidity levels so labels and corks don't dry out are also an option for maximum wine storage.

Under-counter Beverage Center

Cold storage for drink garnishes, beers, soda, water and more are coming in all shapes and sizes to meet each home's needs and wants. By having designated spaces for beverages and bar accessories, you maintain an organized kitchen space & are more likely to use the supplies and beverages you have, because of their accessibility.

Installing one or more smaller under-counter refrigerators is a great way to add extra storage and symmetry to an existing wine chiller. They’re both streamlined so they fit perfectly in any modern décor.

The Extra Details

Refrigerated Wine Rack

If beer is more your drink of choice, there are some great in-counter beer dispensers that will dispense your favorite beverage of choice at the perfect temperature. The sleek design takes up minimal counter space, but offers a perfect way to entertain a party of 1 to 10.

Built-in ice-makers are also a great way to boost the functionality of your bar space. There are many options out there that offer variety in ice shape and size to different finishes of the appliance door.

A growing trend we are seeing is the uniqueness in how the homeowner designs the backsplash of the bar area; using chalkboard paint can create a space for reminders & whimsical quotes. An attention grabbing tile like mirrored or glass, can add that finishing touch you've been looking for. The average in-home bar length is 7 feet long, which gives a great deal of space to play with and individualize.

Adding a sink to your bar area is another great way to add functionality without compromising too much space or style. It makes the bar area fully functional and allows for multiple tasks to happen in the space.

Wine Rack With Sink

Wine Racks

Wine racks are a superb way to showcase and store your wine supply. From full wall displays to shelving units, home owners are incorporating their love of wine into the very design of their homes. Below a well designed wall of wine is the main focal point with perfectly placed holders against a sliding glass installation.

We adore how the kitchen has become a natural meeting place both for family and entertaining needs. Whether it's over a glass of wine or a perfectly made old-fashioned, perfecting your bar area and wine storage will be a challenge well accepted.

Custom Design Wine Rack