Mudroom Organization Ideas for Back-to-School

The kids are officially back at school! Which means it's only a matter of time (days, maybe?) before the homework, permission slips, backpacks, sports equipment and extracurricular gear starts to pile up in your mudroom or entryway. If this simple thought makes your shudder, why not consider a mudroom makeover? Instead of being a home of clutter, the entrance to your home can become you family's command center: a neat, well-functioning spot that helps everyone stay organized and get out the door faster.

Here are a few helpful tips for your transformation.

mudroom design ideas 2

1. Lay the right foundation. A great mudroom starts with the right building blocks. To keep things organized each family member needs a space of their own--ideally a coat hook or two, and a cubby or locker-space--to store their belongings. If you're able to create a built-in storage solution, try locker-sized spaces with cabinet door fronts, that can be closed to conceal mess.

2. Keep everyone accountable. Once you have storage for everyone, assign a space to each family member. Write your children's names on their space (use a hanging chalkboard sign or plaque), or choose numbered coat hooks and let each child pick a number.

Divine mudroom

3. Include extra storage. It's inevitable that there will be snow boots and lacrosse sticks that overflow out of cubbies and into hallways. Contain excess clutter by making storage your number on goal in your mudroom space -- that means thinking of every extra spot that you can use to keep organized. Have a bench by the door? Make it a storage bench, which is the perfect spot to stow everything from umbrellas to soccer cleats. Have shelving in the room or space on top of a hall tree? Stock the space with baskets to contain accessories and outerwear like mittens, scarves, and hats.

4. Create a adult "Command Center." It's not just the kids who bring clutter into the mudroom. The entryway is a common spot for mail, keys, sunglasses, and cell phones to pile up for parents. Designate or create a space -- like a basket on top of a shelf, or a bowl or tray on a console table--to house these loose items.

For more creative mudroom organization ideas, get in touch with us about creating a custom space for your family.