Modern Coffee Stations For Modern Kitchens

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of a home-brewed cup of coffee; whether you lean towards a bold brewed cup of coffee or a smooth latte, the options available for a home coffee station are expanding by the second. The three main options for putting your morning coffee at your finger tips are built in coffee stations, a side table or cart, or using available counter space. The right fit for you all depends on the amount of space you want dedicated to the station, the amount of space you have to dedicate to the station and your overall usage needs.


Built-In Coffee Station

The biggest trend right now is built-in coffee machines. They are implemented into the overall design of the kitchen while creating a complimenting space surrounding the machine. Pictured above, you can see the sleek design of a Miele Coffee System & how it adds sophistication and a no clutter look to the kitchen.

Depending on the model, you can take care of your cup of coffee from start to finish. Buy a fresh bag of coffee beans and grind them right in the machine at home, then brew your coffee and froth your milk for a latte at the touch of a button (or two). Most models can serve up to four cups, so get ready to be your family's own personal barista!

Other notable features most Miele coffee systems offer are: adjustable steel coffee grinder, water hardness settings, programmable cup sizes,  fluorescent lights that can be easily adjusted, a safety lock, frothing arm, hot water dispenser, bottom pull out shelving, and most important, easy cleaning--check out the great model options HERE.

Another way to add a coffee station to your kitchen without committing to a large built-in machine is finding ways to use your cabinets or building a hide-away cabinet dedicated to all things coffee. This is a great way to organize and de-clutter your kitchen space, and keep all that you need to make that perfect cup in one spot; keep your trusty coffee maker (whether it's a drip, french press, Keurig, Nespresso or percolator) right next to your mugs & coffee accessories in a pull out counter in the cabinet.

The last built-in coffee design we love is dedicating a little nook of your kitchen cabinets to your coffee maker and accessories--add a strip of lighting in the nook, and you're all set to make that cup of joe!


Side Table & Cart

This method saves valuable counter space and is a great way to showcase your love for coffee. Re-purposing a buffet table, a cart or a hutch adds character to a modern kitchen and will draw the eyes of any guest. Adding in shelving above the unit for coffee cups will put them at arms length and also instantly add to the decor of your kitchen. Want a portable station? Add wheels to the cart and you've got yourself a mobile coffee station that can instantly be moved to meet your needs and assist with entertaining.

Space an issue? Use a corner of the kitchen with a corner shelving unit, or custom wooden shelves.

On the Counter

Counter space can be a great way to display and use your coffee maker and accessories as well. Advise for this route is finding a way to group the items together in an orderly and presentable manner; using a tray to herd your coffee items together or under cabinet hooks for cups helps keep a place and purpose for all items coffee.

Odds & Ends

Adding that personal touch to your coffee station is a great way to up the wow factor and keep you smiling morning after morning. A cookie jar, coffee shop inspired art piece or sugar bowl you found while antiquing might be the perfect touch to your coffee station. Perhaps combining your coffee station with your in-home bar to create a beverage station that can get you from your early mornings, to your late nights is the route to go!

Take time to see how a coffee station can fit into your morning routine and what you want out of your own personal brewing system experience. Perhaps a built in unit is the perfect fit or maybe a dedicated tray on your counter is just the ticket--whatever is, have a latte of fun & make sure to put your own twist on it!


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