Modern City Living And The Design Of Your Home

Location, location, location--it's the three words you are bound to hear when searching for the perfect spot to call your home & is most definitely the catch phrase of real estate. Most people are willing to sacrifice a few amenities if they find a home in their perfect location-from forgoing on a home with a two stall garage, or that 4th room, it's worth it for the perfect spot. Your ideal home could be close to your work, a few blocks from your favorite eating spots, within walking distance to parks & outdoor activities, or a perfect home nested in an up and coming downtown neighborhood. Whatever makes up the perfect location is unique to each home-owner, but what's most exciting is taking that house in the right coordinates and making it your home.

The beautiful aspect about finding that perfect city location is the amount of control you have once you find it--a house can't be moved too easily, but the inside can be modified to compliment the great area it encompasses.

Come along for a tour of one of our favorite modern renovations & see what aspects you love about it to take your perfect city space and make it your dream home!


Smart Storage & Design: The Kitchen

Every nook & cranny of the kitchen should be thought out to create a highly functional space. Countertop space is a hot commodity in smaller kitchens and thus is a big priority for any remodel. The more open countertop space the better; find ways to eliminate clutter by storing your appliances like toasters, blenders, popcorn makers and other less frequently used items somewhere within reach.

For the items you do use frequently, find a way to display them without taking away from the serenity in the space. A knife set is within reach and is displayed on a magnetic strip above the counter; the much needed espresso maker is tucked neatly in the corner with colorful espresso cups on stand-by.

The dishwasher & garbage were fully integrated into the design and are kept out of the limelight with custom panels that blend right into the current cabinetry. This is a great way to streamline the look of a room & not sacrifice the much needed functionality of the space.

A glass backsplash was used as a beautiful alternative to subway or traditional tile & very much complimented the space. Consider this style if you are looking for a lighter look that creates a great relationship with the natural light of the room. Add erasable markers & the backsplash becomes a nifty note keeper for your grocery list, to-do's, or little reminders!

Decor & Lighting: The Kitchen

Make sure your personality shines through the design in your home: Whether it's putting your prized plants on the window sill to soak in the sun, or displaying a great piece of art you got traveling, it makes any contemporary space your own & you'll be all the more proud to show it off.

Lighting can be tricky in tight spaces. Recessed lighting is a great way to enhance the brightness in your kitchen and enhance the size of the space. It's ideal for modern city kitchens because it doesn't take up too much room, but can drastically greaten the light for aesthetics and function. Spotlights are also a great way to give light to countertops & high traffic areas. Make sure to use LED lightbulbs & you're all set!

Smaller Spaces

Smaller spaces can be surprisingly overwhelming at first, but once you hone in on what's important to you, you'll be on your way to making the perfect location spot your very own! Think about what aspects of the design in this modern city home you love & how you can translate it to your space---we can't wait to hear what you do & how we can help!

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