Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

Redesigning your kitchen? If you live in a small space or love the clean lines of contemporary style, a minimalist kitchen design might be the best choice for your home. The look is streamlined, no frills, and modern, and a minimalist kitchen sets a chic, cosmopolitan feel for the rest of your space. Below, we're sharing a few of the design essentials for creating a streamlined kitchen, along with photos from a few of our recent minimalist kitchen renovations. Ditch the cabinet hardware. Minimalist design is all about creating long, uninterrupted lines. When it comes to cabinetry, that means losing the typical hardware and opting for push-to-open cabinets, or those opened using a small finger indent at the bottom of the door instead. (For larger drawers where cabinet pulls are essential, choose long, linear styles.)

2-minimalist kitchen design

Try lacquer. When designing a minimalist kitchen, there aren't a ton of places to insert an unexpected design element or flourish without throwing off the entire space. One way you can give your kitchen a customized, unique feel, however, is by choosing lacquered cabinetry. The high-shine finish bounces light around the space, instantly adding interest to the design.

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Get creative with light fixtures. Another spot to insert your style? Light fixtures. There are plenty of pendants, chandeliers, and flush mounts out there that rival contemporary art, and might end up being the focal point of the room.

Minimalist kitchen design 2

Go two-tone. Add dimension to a minimalist space by choosing two-tone cabinetry. If there's a bit of contrast, even better. In the photo below, for example, smooth, glossy white cabinets are paired with dark gray panels featuring an exposed wood grain.

minimalist kitchen design

Choose streamlined appliances and fixtures. Standard appliances can feel bulky and interrupt the design in a minimalist space so choose clean European brands or built-in versions that match the surrounding cabinetry instead.

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