5 Kitchen Design Trends that Aren't Going Anywhere

In a world of ever changing design it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends. Intricate Moroccan floor tiles might be in this year but who knows how you’ll feel about them four years from now. Remodeling your kitchen is a huge commitment, so how do you decide what trends are worth jumping aboard and what trends you should stay away from? We picked five kitchen design trends that you’ll only grow to love more with time.

Brass hardware

Brass is the perfect middle ground for those who think that gold is too gaudy and copper is too bold. The great thing about brass is that it gives a vintage touch to both modern or traditional kitchen design. It’s easy to clean and has a warm natural tone that makes it easy to match. Choose from polished, satin or oil-brushed finished to further customize the look you’re going for.

White cabinets

White cabinets help to brighten up your kitchen and give the illusion of a bigger space. It creates a clean, blank canvas so that you can accessorize your kitchen without worrying about colors clashing, because white goes with everything! Even appliance companies like Whirlpool are coming out with options for white finishes to rival the popular stainless steel finish.

Statement lighting

Statement lighting is always a good call to add style to your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you choose a mid-century style pendant or a Victorian chandelier as long as it draws your eye to it. This is where you can really let your design preferences shine.

Open Shelving

Open shelves helps to make spaces look bigger and offers opportunities for you to customize your kitchen décor as well as display your favorite kitchenware. You can dress your shelves with all white tableware for a minimalistic look or stack colorful cookbooks to add a splash of color to your design. Open shelves will never go out of trend because it gives you the freedom to redesign and rearrange what goes on it.


Marble is a great way to add subtle, natural texture to your kitchen. You can use it as your countertop, back splash or even flooring. With a variety of color options you can choose from plenty of natural tones from white/grey to grey/brown to black/white.