Interior Design: What's in and What's out for 2016

Interior design trends are always evolving. What was popular and fresh in 2015, won’t always carry over into the New Year. While some trends are classic and never go out of style, some trends are best left in the past. To help you sort out which big decor ideas you’ll be seeing a lot of in 2016, and which ones you’ll be phasing out, here is our comprehensive list of the top 5 ins and outs for 2016. Out: 1. Chevron

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Say goodbye to your favorite Chevron pieces, because this is one interior trend that won’t carry over into the New Year. Much like the chalkboard paint craze, chevron was overdone the past few years and interior design experts agree that it’s best to leave this trend in the past.

2. Typography wall art

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It seems that every home décor store sported at least one large canvas with a statement typography piece. Whether it was a list of cities, a quote to live by, or a simple letter array, this was one style that was big for 2015. But as the saying goes, all good things must end, and typography wall art is one idea that is on the outs for the New Year.

3. Bright colors

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Designers are trading in bright, colorful interiors for simpler color schemes and soft color design. 2016 is all about sticking with the basics and finding a natural balance in your room.

4. Faux-taxidermy décor

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Decorating with faux-taxidermy pieces like skull wall hangings and antler chandeliers have been gaining popularity in the past few years, but it seems that this decor choice has run its course. Save the pieces for your ski house, and opt for classic decor pieces in 2016.

5. Mirrored furnishings

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While mirrored furnishings were one way to make a room stand out in 2014 and 2015, the shift towards understated design elements for 2016 means that this statement furnishing won’t be as popular.

In: The big design ideas for 2016 lean towards quieter, cleaner, and simpler design elements. The eye-catching, bold accents of past years are taking a backseat to understated, classic design.

1. Mid-century modern furniture

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Mid-century modern homes take the principle of bringing the “outdoors in” to life, so you’ll be seeing a lot of handcrafted wood and warm, natural elements in furnishings.

2. Global and tribal-inspired textiles

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Hand-woven textiles are making a big impact on design this year, and traditional African textiles like Kuba cloth and Mudcloth are popping up in homes everywhere. While tribal prints have been used somewhat often in the world of design, this year vibrant reds will offset traditional colors like browns, blacks, and creams, so look for these colors when picking out textiles.

3. Artisan and hand made products

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Authentic living is a big trend in 2016 and one way to execute this in your home is by incorporating handmade goods from skilled artists around the world. Clay pottery and macramé wall hangings are great options to relay this style into your space.

4. Mixed metallics

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Instead of keeping your metals uniform throughout, think of creating a strategic, layering mix of warm and cool metals like copper and brass with silver or chrome.

5. The Pantone color of the year

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The Pantone color of the year is always a popular color choice in design and this year is no different. For the first time, there are two colors for the year 2016— Rose Quartz and Serenity, which means a softer, soothing color palette.