Interior Design Trend: Wallpaper in the Powder Room

Wallpaper is one of those things that just seems to fade in and out of style every 20 years or so. A decade ago, the only person you knew who was probably still into a wallpapered home was your grandmother--everyone else was stripping down their walls with a fervor. A few seasons ago, however, the trend started creeping back in in a major way. Prints were bigger, louder, and more unexpected, and interior designers and homeowners alike were sold. Because wallpaper is still is a bold choice for decorating, and because it tends to be permanent (at least for a while, since it's such a pain to take down), it cane still be hard to commit to, even if you love the look. Our advice? Try wallpaper in the powder room. For one, it's a small space that won't get overwhelmed by pattern. Plus, it turns a boring room into a fun, stylish space. Lastly, since powder rooms are so small, if you do decide to change the look after a few years, it won't be such a huge job to get rid of the wallpaper. Need some style inspiration? Below are a few the best examples we've seen of the wallpaper-in-the-powder-room trend.

1. Banana leaf prints are one of the biggest trends in interior design right now, and we love it on a wallpaper. It's not for the faint of heart, but certainly a stunning and sophisticated choice.

banana leaf wallpaper powder room -apartment therapy

2. Prefer something more muted? Try a neutral hued wallpaper on only the top half of the walls.

Wallpaper in bathroom - Marcus Design

3. Another bold and beautiful print! We love the way this Titon Fenwick wallpaper transforms this powder room into a cheerful jewel box.

Titon Fenwick wallpaper powder room

4. High contrast graphic prints would overwhelm a larger room, but look chic and edgy in this small space.

wallpaper in the powder room - domaine home

5. An oversize toile-style print and matching window treatments prove the look can work for traditional spaces as well.

wallpaper in the powder room - thehousehome.tumblr

Which look is your favorite? Would you try it in your powder room?