Insight Into A Great Mudroom For Your Home

Mudrooms can serve multiple purposes for different families; the space can be an organizational hub for on-the-go families or a simple laundry room. It can be the small transitional space between the garage and home or a space to contain mud & mess.

We have compiled a list of top trends and design ideas that will guide you in the direction of success in your mudroom setup. While we aren't implying to implement all of these points into your mudroom, we hope you can sift through the list and hone in on what ideas would compliment your end goal for your mudroom space.

The most important theme to keep in mind is there is no cookie-cutter way to set up a mudroom--by assessing how you want the space to perform, you'll take a potentially clutter catchall and turn it into a highly functional space.


Storage in Your Mudroom

Mudrooms have two main purposes-storage and transition. When planning out the layout of a mudroom, consider where and what you want household items that might otherwise be spread out around the house.

  • Message Center: Mudrooms can be the first thing you see as you enter your home--make the most of this and install a message center, fully equipped with a key drop, chalkboard, charging station & filing system. Above, we created a nook with retreating doors for all things organization.
  • Laundry Storage: If your mudroom is also your laundry room, make sure to consider how storage and counter space can work in your favor for laundry days. A cupboard or shelf located above the dryer & washer is a great way to keep your laundry supplies tidy. If the space allows for it, a clothes line can be installed for instant washer to line drying.


  • Cleaning Supplies: Brooms, mops, the vacuum & other cleaning supplies can call your mudroom their home. Tall cabinets or a sleek closet can be an out of sight hub for all things clean.
  • Recycling & Compost Center: Create an eco-friendly mudroom by placing bins for recyclables or a compost bin that can be easily transferred to the outdoors.
  • Coat, Boot & Misc. Storage: By adding well placed storage benches, baskets, lockers, hooks & cabinets, you are clearing up floor space & counter space, and also creating a routine for your family. Hooks are our favorite way to corral families coats & sweaters. Various heights can offer little ones an independent way to put away their jackets. Muddy boots can be tamed with a river-rock or rubber mat.

Mudroom Flooring in Your Mudroom

  • Durable Flooring & Walls: Mudroom flooring will see it's fair share of paw prints, mud, water, snow, dirt & more. A durable, easily maintained floor is a must & we put a few to the test. Porcelain tile is hard and durable, along with natural stone are two no-fail options. Wood & laminate flooring should be avoided in high traffic areas like a mudroom as standing water & mud may cause irreversible damage.
  • Floor Color, Pattern & Grip: Beiges, light browns, grays and tan flooring all are great colors to mask dirt that can be tracked in from the outside. Stray away from light, single-color tiling & also aim for flooring that has some grip, to avoid slips from tracked in water or mud. Natural stone can offer some roughness and make sense for the safety and the high traffic nature of the mudroom.
  • Floor Heating: A great way to combat wet socks, boots and shoes is installing radiant floor heating in your mudroom. It will make the transition from outside to inside on a freezing winter day nice and toasty.


Final Touches

  • Wash Station & SinksA sink comes in handy after a long afternoon in the garden or for hand washing delicates. A wash station is a big trend we love incorporating into mudrooms; a shower pan and handheld sprayer can have dual purposes for washing off muddy shoes or your muddy pup.


  • A Place To Sit: A bench is a must have for removing shoes, coordinating & folding laundry & consolidating groceries. Benches can be created with built-in storage, a railing for added support, or cushions to make putting those boots on a little more comfortable.
  •  Privacy Door: Pocket doors work great for closing off the mudroom from the rest of the house. Whether you want to contain a mess, or simply do laundry in peace, a privacy door is a great way to define the space

On the flip side, mudrooms don't always have to be a separate room--a mudroom entryway could be just the ticket for your family. What ideas do you think you'll incorporate in your mudroom?