How to Style Your Kitchen Like a Magazine

how to style your kitchen
how to style your kitchen

Your kitchen has been recently renovated. Everything is brand new, high-quality, and exactly the look you had in mind. But for some reason, it feels like something is missing ... it still doesn't feel like "you." Can you relate? If so, it might be time to style your kitchen. Styling your kitchen with things like flowers, fruit bowls, cookbooks, vases, and textiles brings a personal element to the space that acts as the finishing touch. It might be just what your new kitchen needs to make it feel like home.

Fill the blank slate.

After a kitchen remodel, there's a good chance everything is exactly where it should be, the countertops are wiped clean, and there's enough storage space so none of your appliances need to be left out. All of this is wonderful, but a perfectly tidy kitchen can also feel sterile. Give it a lived in look by pulling out a few well-chosen items: an espresso machine on the counter, a decorative salad bowl on the kitchen island, or an enameled dutch oven left out on the stove are all good choices.

But make it practical The kitchen is a functional space, so anything that's purely for show or overly complicated isn't going to work here. A good way to style with substance: do it with items you actually need easy access to. If you never use your dutch oven, leaving it out will only mean you have to move it every night when you make dinner. If you drink tea every night, on the other hand, a colorful teapot may be a better choice. A few other functional "décor" ideas: a row of jars for cookies, flower, and sugar; olive oil and vinegar pourers; a set of designer coasters; or a cake stand piled high with baked goods (even if they're store bought!).

Choose a color scheme.

The look you're going for is elevated and lived-in, not chaotic and cluttered. One of the best ways to ensure your styling efforts fall in the former category is to choose a color palette and stick to it. If you leave a red dutch oven on the stove, complement it with a bowl of red apples, oranges, and pomegranates on the counter, a loose bouquet of warm-toned flowers from the garden, or set out your cook books with red spines.

Last but not least, remember that less is more. Limit your styling to 3-4 areas to ensure you have plenty of room for function.