How to Maximize Storage in the Kitchen

Whether you live in a small city apartment or a sprawling suburban home, there's one goal all homeowners have when it comes to their kitchens: maximizing storage. A well-organized kitchen, one where there truly is a place for everything, is a foundational element of a functional, happy space. One of the best ways to achieve this is to consider the ways you use your kitchen most, and build customized organization into the design of your space. If you're in the early stages of a remodel, consider incorporating a few of our best ideas that'll help you maximize storage in the kitchen.

1. Add room to entertain. If you love to play host, create a space designed just for entertaining, one that can house everything from barware, to your best vintages.

kitchen organization ideas

2. Save counter space. To minimize countertop clutter, design special spaces for items and appliances that usually find a home there: Things like spice racks, toaster ovens, and coffee machines can be easily stashed in speciality drawers, or even built into cabinetry.

kitchen storage ideas 2

3. Organize the drawers. Drawer inserts, whether custom or store-bought, can make sorting and finding silverware, serve wear, and small kitchen gadgets like peelers, thermometers, nutcrackers, and garlic presses a lot easier to access.

maximize storage in the kitchen

4. Make the most of corners. Corners are often a wasted opportunity in kitchen design. In lieu of two separate, connecting cabinets, install a lazy susan, or one large, connecting cabinet with a pull-out door.

maximize storage in the kitchen

5. Create a command station. Trade in the junk drawer for something a whole lot neater: a customized, organized command station hidden behind cabinet doors, with spots for mail, magazines, school paperwork, electronics and chargers, even spare change.



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