Mudroom Ideas for Winter

Mudroom ideas for winter If there was one thing to be learned from the record-breaking snowfall in New England last winter, it was that the value of a well-functioning mudroom cannot be underestimated. With more than 10 feet of snow falling over the course of just a couple of months, snow boots, shovels, ski goggles, melting salt, and plenty of slush probably found a permanent home in mudrooms and entryways around the region. And while we're all hoping that this winter isn't nearly as eventful as the last one, having a mudroom that's well equipped to handle winter weather can save a lot of stress (and hours spent cleaning the floors) during the season whether there's 10 feet of snow or two.

Below, we've compiled a few helpful tips for making the most of your mudroom until it's finally spring again.

  1. Stock up on storage. Thanks to all of the extra layers required to venture out in the cold, even a mudroom that's well organized during the rest of the year can benefit from extra storage come winter. Set up a coat rack in the corner to keep outerwear from cluttering the floor, add a small set of drawers to corral hats, gloves, and scarves, and use sturdy, washable bins or baskets to store muddy boots and shoes (hide the baskets under a bench for an organized look).
  2. Add a rubber mat. A thick rubber mat on the floor will come in handy for a few reasons during the winter. For one, it can help prevent slips and falls on flooring that gets slippery when wet, like tile or laminate. Plus, it can protect more delicate flooring, like hardwood, from getting scratched or damaged from excess water and melting salt. It's also easy to clean: on days when it's above freezing, simply take it outside and hose or wipe it off.
  3. Keep snow removal gear handy. If your garage isn't attached to your home, having things like shovels and salt at the ready will be immensely helpful on that first big snowfall (so you won't find yourself trying to cut a path to the garage through the snow with only your snowboots and willpower). Stash snow removal gear in a tall bin made of galvanized steel for a dose of function and style.

Don't have a dedicated mudroom? Use these tricks in any entryway to help keep your home organized during the winter. Or, give us a call at Divine Design & Build. We'd be happy to help you design a mudroom that will serve as your family's command center all year 'round.