A Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Kitchen cabinet hardware is one small detail of a kitchen renovation, but it's also one that's incredibly important. The hardware you choose for you cabinetry can completely change the look of the space -- making it feel more contemporary, pulled together, on-trend, or timeless, depending on the style you decide upon. So what are the most common styles of kitchen cabinet hardware, and how do you choose which is right for your kitchen? Here's a quick guide.

Cup pulls.

Cups pulls (seen above) have risen in popularity over the last five years thanks to the industrial and farmhouse style trends...so if the look you're after is French Farmhouse-inspired, or traditional with a rough-hewn twist, cup pulls are the perfect choice. Note that cup pulls are typically used for drawers only, so you will need to pair them with knobs for your upper cabinetry.


Traditionally in kitchen design, knobs are used for doors, while cup or bar pulls are used for drawers, like in the design above. However, it's becoming more common for knobs to be used throughout and entire kitchen design on drawers and doors for a more uniform look. You'll find more variety for knobs that any other type of hardware, from simple, smooth rounds, to colored glass, to painted porcelain and intricate fretwork styles.

two tone kitchen cabinet
two tone kitchen cabinet

Bar pulls.

Bar pulls are the long, narrow hardware used most often on drawers. However, like knobs, it's becoming more common for pulls to be used throughout the kitchen, especially in contemporary kitchen designs. Pulls also come in hundreds of styles, with simple, sleek, tubular styles better suited for modern kitchens, and detailed, ornate designs best left for traditional kitchens.


No hardware.

Believe it or not, leaving your cabinets hardware-free is just as big of a style statement as choosing an elaborately designed set of pulls. The look is distinctly contemporary and ideal for modern or minimalist kitchen designs. Cabinets without hardware often have built-in handles or lips in the doors that allow them to be opened easily.


The finish you choose is just as important as the shape. Metals like chrome and polished nickel feel most modern, while brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze feel more traditional. For an on-trend twist that works best with transitional or traditional design, try brass (like the kitchen above) or black cabinet hardware.

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