Coastal Gray and White Bathroom Design Ideas

Gray and white is a classic color combination with timeless appeal; but it's a scheme that feels fresh and contemporary at the same time, especially in a coastal home, where nautical navy and bright white typically reign supreme. Driving the point home: Our recent renovation of a sprawling Cape Cod home with a bounty of bathrooms, all of which were a take on the neutral color pairing. If you're in search of gray and white bathroom design ideas, look no further than the following examples from this stunning space.

1. To add interest to a neutral space, incorporate pattern. A different print was used in each of the rooms seen here.

Gray and white bathroom design ideas 4

2. Planning on using more than one pattern? Don't forget to carefully consider scale. Here, a large leaf print if offset by the smaller scale of the tile design, allowing the prints to harmoniously live in the same space.

Gray and white bathroom design ideas 7 3. To create depth incorporate white and gray in varying shades across different surfaces. Here, the vanity is a cross between the gray tone on the floors and the crisp white of the subway tile on the walls.

Gray and white bathroom design ideas 6

4. Add an accent color. Sunny yellow is a contrasting, yet complimentary choice to white and gray tones. Other beautiful accent options for a coastal home? Gray-blue, light sea green, and pale coral.

gray and white bathroom design 1

5. Don't forget the details. Reinforce a palette and score extra points for interest by using gray grout against white tile on the floors and walls.

Gray and white bathroom design ideas 3

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