Top German Kitchen Appliance Brands

If you're looking for sleek, high-tech, well-designed appliances for your kitchen, you may want to set your sights overseas ... particularly on Germany.  While the country may be best-known for its engineering advances in the automotive industry, it's also home to some of the world's leading kitchen appliance brands, which can often offer options for both style and substance that those made stateside might lack. Thinking of going European? Start your search with these three top German kitchen appliance brands. Gaggenau German Appliances - Variocooling_image

Gaggenau. The brand, named for the town where it's headquartered, has been manufacturing luxury appliances for the kitchen for centuries: The company got its start in the 1600s, and holds the record as the oldest appliance manufacturer in the world. Still, the company manages to be on the cutting edge of the market, and has won countless design and innovation awards over the years. Gaggenau is especially known for its ovens and ranges, which feature sleek, modern design, four-inch-thick oven doors designed to maximize heat retention while keeping the exterior door cool, and a signature blue enamel coating on the inside to make cleaning a snap.

Miele german kitchen appliances

MieleAnother company with a long history, Miele was founded in 1899. Miele appliances are often at the forefront of technology, offering little luxuries that add up in a big way: ranges offer touch display screens, moisture plus technology which controls humidity, and back-lit knobs which allow owners to easily see when the stove has been turned off. Of course, like all European appliances, design is also a priority with Miele: the company's appliances are designed to be built into the surrounding cabinetry, creating a seamless look.

German kitchen appliances - Bosch

Bosch. What sets Bosch apart from other German brands? For one, the fact that it's a major engineering company that doesn't just manufacture home appliances; Bosch is also a leading manufacturer of automotive parts, industrial heating and cooling technology, professional power tools, security systems, and more. The company offers home appliances from cooktops, to range hoods, to dishwashers and built-in coffee makers, and was named "Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Dishwashers and Cooktops" by JD Power and Associates in 2015.

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