7 Finished Attic Office Spaces We Love

If you work from home, a dedicated office space can be a game changer for productivity, providing not only a space to slip entirely into work mode, but one that's separate from the rest of your home so you can close up shop when the work day is done. One of the best places to set up a home office, and one that many homeowners overlook, is the attic. It's separate from the rest of the home, and often provides valuable unused square footage. If you're considering setting up a finished attic office space, these gorgeous examples might just inspire you to turn the dream into a hardworking reality.1. This office nook is proof that you don't need a ton of square footage to turn an unused corner of a finished attic into a functional, happy workspace.

attic office area - crumpled envelope

2. This is exactly how we imagine the ideal workspace for a blogger, designer or other creative professional. It's light, bright, stylish and eclectic, and we love the contrast between the white walls and black pendant lights.

attic office area - domaine

3. This is a great setup for a home-based business with multiple employees. Sleek furnishings and an efficient layout allow for four desks to fit into a single attic space.

Attic office space - Marie claire maison

4. How's this for creative thinking? In a small space like an attic, adding built-in bookshelves to a pony wall helps to maximize the potential of this home office.

attic office ideas - this old house

5. For a truly well-laid out space, it's a great idea to go for built in desks and office storage, like in the well-organized workspace seen here.

attic office space - bhg

6. If your attic is on the larger side, consider creating a multi-use space by incorporating a cozy seating area into your design plan. This is also an excellent layout for businesses with a client-facing aspect as it provides a professional-feeling meeting space.

attic office space - mixed used - briggs freeman

7. Here, a peaked ceiling--which can be a design challenge--was turned into an asset by transforming it into a unique bookcase. Fill it with books that inspire you!

attic office space bookshelves -

Want to turn your empty attic into a useful, functional home office space? Get in touch with Divine Design Build to create the perfect plan for your workspace.