Home Additions: Ideas for Your Finished Attic

When it comes to home additions, making the most of space your already have is a practical, economical way to expand the square footage of your home. While many homeowners thoughts automatically go to finishing the basement, finished attic spaces can be an every-bit-as-functional way to create more room in your home. Create a kid zone. Sick of looking at the kids' toys strewn around the living room? Turn your turn a finished attic into a playroom or rec-room to house all things kid-related.

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Or go kid-free. Need a space where you can relax and enjoy some alone time? An attic is the perfect spot to get away for a bit. Install shelves filled with your favorite books, purchase a cozy couch or armchair, and hang artwork that makes you smile.

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Turn it into a theater. No windows in the attic? Turn this potential drawback into a positive by designating the naturally dark space as a home theater.

Image via paulakathlyn.com

Build an office. Since the attic feels separate from the rest of your home, it also makes an ideal dedicated office space. You can head up there to work in the morning, and literally close the door to your work life when the day is done.

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Find added storage space. Old homes often have very limited closet space ... but well-constructed attics. If this is the case in your home, make the most of a finished attic by turning it into a generous walk-in closet.

Image via the perfect wife.tumblr.com

Make it a cozy guest room. Do your friends and family sleep on the sofa when they come to visit? Give your guests a private space of their own instead by setting up an attic space as a guest room.

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