Exploring the 3 Most Common Options for Your Kitchen Oven

Your oven is the sole of your kitchen; it’s where all your meals are baked, broiled, or steamed, and some may argue that it’s the most important appliance decision you’ll make. While there are many different options in terms of ovens, ranges, and cooktops, to narrow down your search we’re exploring the 3 most common options and the advantages and disadvantages of each arrangement. If you’re redoing your kitchen anytime soon, this will help you make the right decision for you kitchen needs. A Traditional Range with a Stovetop Range The most common of all the kitchen oven options, this traditional choice offers many different variations with most of them including the stovetop atop the range with a warming drawer below. It’s simple and you’ll be able to get all of your cooking needs done in one place.

If space is an issue, this is the most space-conscious option. It puts all of your cooking functions in one location, so you’ll have more room for cabinets and other appliances.

It is also a great option in terms of aesthetics if you need a focal point in your kitchen. Its weight adds visual heft to the space and really helps draw the eye right to it upon entry into the room.

In addition, if cost is a factor, this is typically the least pricey option as its widespread popularity lends it to having many different brand options to choose from.

A Separate Range and Stovetop

A Separate Range and Stovetop

Another selection that is gaining popularity in modern kitchens is the separation of the range and the stovetop. This design option is quite common in newer kitchens and it gives you a lot of flexibility in the placement of each.

Consider how many cooks are in your kitchen? If there’s more than one cook fighting for appliance access, a separate range and stovetop is a great option to give you separate cooking and baking zones.

Cooktops separate from the stove also offer more flexibility in burner style, size, and type, like induction burners, so you’ll have a wider range to choose from.

Double Ovens kitchen oven options Double ovens are toted for the flexibility they give you in the kitchen. They allow you to bake more than one dish at different temperatures at the same time, so no more worrying about over roasting your vegetables while you’re trying to cook your meat. Be careful though, if space is an issue in your home, double ovens effectively remove 30 to 33 inches of usable countertop, so make sure you have the room before installing.

Double ovens are also great for those of you with back issues as they take out the “bending over to open the oven door” factor when they’re mounted on the wall. One issue to consider is to make sure your height won’t get in the way and you won’t be reaching overhead to get a pan out.

All in all, if you have the space and find yourself using your oven more often than not, this is a great option.