Divine Welcomes Menck High-Efficiency Windows At U.S. Facility Opening

German-bred Window Design Comes to New England Last week Mariette and Magued attended the grand opening of the Menck Windows production facility in Chicopee, MA. Menck creates custom, sustainability-focused windows and doors for builders, architects, and homeowners. With a focus on both form and function, Menck offers professionals and homeowners the best in energy efficiency with finely crafted detail and finishes. The facility, boasting 75,000 of production space and state-of-the-art, German-engineered machining equipment, is the first U.S.-based production facility for the manufacturer.

Designing the Future of Sustainable Products

opening 1The grand opening featured tours of the production floor. It also featured the Shared Vision Summit, a meeting of industry professionals and thought leaders focusing on sustainable, energy efficient construction. The program featured discussions and panels on the goals and challenges of sustainable design, the need for energy efficient construction, and the impact of sustainable practices on the building industry.

Menck Windows CEO Todd Bachelder opened the summit by discussing the real goals of sustainable and energy efficient design. Bachelder focused on the importance of creating products and spaces that exceed a client’s expectations. “How do users and occupants interact with the building, and how does that inform their idea of sustainability? It’s not truly a quantitative outcome we’re looking for; it’s a qualitative outcome. In that regard, the façade and windows become very important, because this is how daylight is brought in. This is how people have control over natural ventilation.” While cost savings is an important aspect of sustainability, user experience should remain central to the design process.

This focus on creating truly useful, energy-conscious homes and office space applies not only to future projects, but upgrades to the current inventory of homes and buildings existing in the market today. In support of that goal, the panel discussed how to best promote and expand sustainable practices. One aspect of this effort is education.

The Next Generation of Sustainability

JNESEA Board and Menckennifer Marrapese, Executive Director of the New England Sustainable Design Association (NESEA), highlighted the need to cultivate the next generation of designers and thought leaders. “One of the big opportunities we see and have been trying to capitalize on is the opportunity to bring the next generation into the organization. Not just to mentor them, but also to learn from them. We’ve been trying to do that in a much more intentional way than in the past by offering scholarship. and volunteer opportunities to get involved in our events and our conference.”

Said Magued of the opening, “We are excited to see German high efficiency windows manufactured right here in Massachusetts.” The marriage of high-end aesthetic and high-efficiency technology provides many opportunities for homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint and enjoy long-term cost reduction while incorporating luxury finishes. With a constant focus on providing the best solutions for homeowners, Divine Design is pleased to welcome the innovation and quality craftsmanship of Menck Windows into its roster of design products.

U.S. production of Menck products is now in full gear. Let Divine offer you a consultation on integrating these beautiful, environmentally sensitive windows and doors into your home.