Why a Design Build Firm Will Make Your Renovation Easier

A lot goes into planning a home renovation. Finding the inspiration for a room you'll love, choosing fixtures and finishes, planning a renovation schedule that works for your family, and of course, hiring the professionals that will help you get the job done right, on-time, and within your budget. While every aspect of planning your home renovation is important, it's the latter -- hiring the right help -- that can make the biggest difference between a smooth, stress-free experience, and one that leaves you pulling your hair out. So how do you hire the right team? Our best advice is to hire a company that does it all: a design-build firm.

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One team, one time. For one, you'll only have to worry about hiring the right person once--you won't need an electrician, a painter, a plumber, a designer, and and architect, since design build firms provide all of those services under one roof.

Less stress. Another benefit? You'll save time and energy. If you've ever taken on a renovation project with a team of multiple contractors or professionals from different companies, you know that getting everyone on the same page and the same schedule can be a headache. If the plumber shows up late, for example, it could throw off the work the electrician has to do the next day, setting the entire project off schedule. But because at a design build firm your entire renovation team works for the same company, you can be assured that the team is working toward the same goal and that scheduling will be hassle free, since it's done by an in-house project manager.

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Quality assurance. By hiring a design build firm your guaranteed to get a team you can trust. That's because, unlike general contractors, a design-build firm employs all of the professionals on their team full-time. This ensures that everyone working on your project is fully dedicated to the outcome, and certified to do the job right.

Saving money. Because you're packaging your entire renovation, from the earliest design sketches, to the architectural plan, to the appliance selection, and installation work, into one project, design build firms can often charge a more competitive price than would be achieved through hiring multiple parties. You'll also get a single, up-front estimate of all the work that needs to be done, allowing you to work with your team as needed on the budget and scope of your project.

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