What is a Design Build Firm?


If you're researching potential renovation, addition, or remodeling projects, you may have come across an unfamiliar option for getting the work done: a design build firm. It's a method for home improvement that's becoming increasingly popular because it combines every service you need to get your job done under one roof. So what exactly does a design build firm do? The name gives some of it away, but there's more to design build firms than just the obvious.


The design build process starts with an initial consultation about your job, whether you want to gut-renovate your kitchen, create a master bathroom addition, finish your basement, or all of the above. Because a design-build firm is a soup-to-nuts operation, you'll only have to schedule one meeting in order to get a proposal for your project, which will include costs and ideas for design, labor, and materials. The fact that everything is done through the same business also ensures your quote will be more accurate, since a single company controls all aspects of the project.


Spoiler alert: Design build firms handle all aspects of the design of your project, and we're not just talking choosing fixtures, tile, and finishes. Design build firms have interior designers, architects, and contractors on staff, which allows them to create comprehensive blueprints and detailed design plans for your entire space, from custom cabinetry design, to furniture choice, to details like crown molding.


Many design build firms (Including Divine) work directly with a variety of vendors and sources for the materials needed for your projects, whether your job requires spec or custom options. Everything your project requires can be directly sourced by the firm.


Here's where the "build" comes in. When you hire a design build firm, your contractor(s) comes with the package. The best part is that many firms actually employ their contractors and installation professionals on-staff full-time, which means that you can trust they meet the standards of the design build company.

Project Management.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of working with a design build firm is the project management aspect. Again, because everyone you'll be working with is under one roof, a seamless schedule can be created without worry that the delay of one part of the project will impact another contractor's timeline. The entire project is managed and scheduled by one team.