Why Choose a Miele Range for Your Kitchen Remodel


From style and size, to brand and functionality, there are hundreds upon hundreds of options you have when deciding on new appliances for your kitchen. So why choose a Miele range for your kitchen remodel? We love the brand for a number of reasons.

The Quality.

Miele appliances have more than 100 years of innovation and German engineering behind them, and no matter what model you choose, you can guarantee that your Miele range will be of professional-quality and feature the latest technology. For one, Miele tests all of its ranges to the equivalent of 20 years' use to ensure performance. Plus, ranges offer twin-power convection fans, a rapid-preheating system, clean-touch steel fronts, more than 15 operating modes (including Rotisserie, Convention, Broil, Browning, and even a Sabbath setting), plus powerful gas burners.

The Options.

Miele offers dozens of options for customizing their ranges to suit your needs. A few highlights include:

  • Three standard size options, including 30", 36", and 48" wide.
  • All-gas or dual gas-electric fueling options.
  • Options for adding a griddle or grill cooktop in addition to burners.
  • Miele's Moisture-Plus line adds the option of controlling moisture inside the oven.
Image via Miele
Image via Miele

The Extras

It's almost guaranteed that your Miele range will offer something you never even knew you needed, but won't be able to live without. From small details like soft-close and open doors, to an energy-conserving residual heat functionality that turns off the oven early on in the cooking process, and a pressure-touch control panel, Miele makes their appliances a pleasure to use.

The Design.

If you want not just the best-functioning range out there, but the best-looking, too, the company is pretty hard to beat. Miele regularly wins awards for design, and all of the products are sleek and contemporary, and fit seamlessly with modern kitchens.

For more information on the benefits of Miele appliances, visit the "Good reasons for choosing Miele" page on their site, or get in touch with Divine Design Build.