Cambridge Kitchen Renovation: The Challenge

The building: A one-time church turned condo complex in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The client: A young, urban couple about to welcome their first child.

The challenges: The couple had recently moved into their new home from a well-designed apartment elsewhere in the city. About to start a family, they wanted a kitchen that was more spacious and functional than the current version, and one that also captured the high-end, more contemporary feel they'd grown used to in their old apartment. They didn't like the dark, cramped feel of the existing kitchen. While both husband and wife agreed on a transitional-style kitchen that would incorporate both modern and traditional elements, they did not agree about color palette--he wanted dark cabinets, she wanted white--so compromise was in order in the form of mixing light-and-dark hued neutrals. 

cambridge condo renovation 3

The shape of the current kitchen design was also not conducive to the spacious feel the couple was after, so the restrictive, peninsula-style design of the space needed to be re-worked in order to create a more efficient open-concept layout that made the most of the limited square footage. 

Cambridge condo renovation 2

Additionally, the existing  kitchen did not offer much storage space, leading to countertops that were often cluttered with bulky appliances and pantry items, and a kitchen that felt messy and inefficient. 

Cambridge condo renovation


Next week, we will share the in-progress shots of the space, and in two weeks, we'll reveal the final design. You won't even recognize this space!