6 Built-In Storage Ideas for Your Closet

When it comes to your closet, the more you can maximize your space with built in storage, the better off your are in dealing with closet clutter. If you’re looking to build an organized and efficient space, here are 6 built-in storage ideas for your closet to consider. storage ideas for your closet

4. Closed Shelving 1. Open Shelving Making sure you are getting the best use out of your space is very important when you’re building or organizing your closet. One of the best ways you can do this is with open shelving. Open shelves make for the perfect storage solution for pants, sweaters, shoes, hats and other accessories that can be neatly folded and displayed. For people that need their options laid out in front of them, open shelves give your closet a boutique-like feel. Plus, if you consider installing adjustable shelving, you’ll be able to customize your space each season.

2. Drawers Drawers are a great storage option to tuck away clothes and accessories that you wouldn’t want on display in your open shelving. If you’re working with a tight space, drawers will really help to increase space and fit all of your necessities without looking too bulky.

3. Drawer Organizers Keep everything in its place with drawer organizers. Instead of having your t-shirts crumpled in a drawer with your ties, utilize drawer organizers to optimize your space and separate your clothing.

4. Closed Shelving Photo via Gold Coast Penthouse https://www.houzz.com/photos/1522327/Gold-Coast-Penthouse-traditional-closet-chicago

If you like the idea of open shelving, but would rather keep your closet’s appearance a little neater, closed shelving is an ideal option for you. Closed shelves are a great place to hide out-of-season garments like bulky sweaters and coats, as well as extra t-shirts and jeans that you don’t wear everyday.

5. Shoe Storage Making sure to designate a space for shoe storage is extremely important, as shoes are often the primal cause of closet clutter. If your clothing is organized neatly on shelves and in drawers, you want your accessories to be just as organized. This is where shoe storage comes into play. The best option here is cubby-style shelving units. These shelving units will keep your shoes neat and organized and create easy visibility for choosing specific shoes to compliment your outfit. Another alternative is built-in shoe racks. For an extensive shoe collection, this selection will give you a lot more room to house your assortment.

6. Pull Out Accessory Trays Organize your precious accessories and jewelry easily with pull out accessory trays. Having the pull out trays is a great way to integrate your accessories into your closet without having them be a main focus of the room. You can also customize your trays with luxe materials like velvet-lined drawers, to keep your delicate chains from getting tangled.