Boston Kitchen and Bath Renovation: Before

Whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment, a duplex condo, or an entire brownstone, one thing is for certain about living in the middle of a historic, crowded city like Boston: space it at a premium. Such was the case for one of our clients, who owned a beautiful old brownstone in the tony Boston neighborhood of Beacon Hill. The home was spacious by city standards, sure, but its colonial-era construction and cramped layout did little to maximize the space, leaving the homeowner frustrated at the lack of function the home provided and considering a move. Specifically, the homeowner's largest challenges were with two of the spaces in the home that are often most associated with function: Their kitchen and master bathroom. Both were dark, cramped, and provided little in the way of necessary storage and counter space. The kitchen was an especially large pain point, as the client loved to entertain.

As seen in the photo below, the cabinets did offer a good amount of space, but much of it was unreachable without a step stool.

boston kitchen and bath renovation: before photos

The kitchen appliances were also small and dated, and the dark finishes and busy wallpaper made the space feel cramped.

boston kitchen and bath renovation: before photos

A lack of counter space and a designated bar area was not optimal for hosting a crowd.

boston kitchen and bath renovation: before photos


The master bath was plagued by similar issues, notably poor lighting and a lack of much-needed storage space.

boston kitchen and bath renovation: before photos

To solve the home's challenges and create a space the homeowner would love again would require a major overhaul of both the living space and the master suite. The bathroom would need to be expanded, and the kitchen needed to be reconfigured and englarged. The laundry, which was originally in the kitchen, would also have to be moved in the master bathroom to both improve function and free up space in the new kitchen.

At the same time, the client also wanted a whole new look for each space, with lightened, brightened fixtures and finished, modern, high-end appliances, and more light.

After months of renovations, including a period of time when the homeowner's street was shut down so our cranes could move in, the home was completely transformed into a beautiful, unrecognizable city retreat. Next week, we'll unveil the stunning after photos of the kitchen and bath renovation!

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