The Biggest European Kitchen Trends Right Now

European kitchen design trends
European kitchen design trends

The way Europeans approach kitchen design is different than most Americans do. For one, you won't find quite as many McMansions in Europe. Europeans are often working with smaller spaces, many of which were built decades or even centuries ago or are centered in an urban area. European kitchen designs are also much more likely than American kitchens to be modular, meaning that they're not permanently affixed to walls and can be taken with you if you were ever to move. There's also an emphasis on maximizing efficiency and functionality. All of these differences mean that European kitchen trends are different than what we see stateside, but we think it's only a matter of times before these trends are all over the U.S., too.

Flat-front cabinet doors

Forget shaker cabinetry or raised and recessed door panels. Europeans overwhelmingly prefer the look of flat-front, unembellished doors, which creates a streamlined look that automatically complements a small space.

No hardware

Why ruin the beautiful, clean lines of a flat-front door with some clunky hardware? That's the European mentality, so many kitchen cabinet manufacturers make doors that are designed to be opened and closed without hardware.

Lacquered finishes

White, painted finishes may be all the rage in the states, but Europeans are a little more adventurous with their cabinetry. Its not uncommon to see colorful cabinets in shades of red or yellow, or mix and matched finishes. Perhaps the most popular cabinet finish at the moment is high-shine lacquer, a trend thats quickly gaining steam with Americans, too.

Silver tones

The antique-brass everything look is one that's distinctly this side of the pond. European kitchens are still designed primarily with silver toned hardware, fixtures, and finishes like nickel and chrome.

High-end appliances

Europeans tend to buy things once and buy them well, meaning they aren't afraid to splurge on high-end appliances that cost more up front, but will last and perform for decades to come from brands like Gaggenau, Miele, Bosch, and Thermador.

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