Big Windows Are Big Items In New Home Kitchens

Imagine yourself sipping a freshly brewed cup of coffee, standing at your kitchen sink. You can feel the warmth of the sun on your face, as natural light pours into your kitchen through your beautiful wall of windows. If this image sounds good then you’re going to love the latest trend in kitchen design: big windows.

Whether you are looking to enhance your rustic, contemporary or classic space, big windows are sure to up the wow factor to your kitchen setting.

Big Kitchen Windows: Bring The Outdoors Inside Your Home


The kitchen is the heart of most homes. It is a high traffic area, and most households spend a great deal of their time within this room.

Because of this, this space needs to be highly functional and aesthetic—big windows meet both of these needs in countless ways. Homeowners are making the switch to big, bold windows and love everything they have to offer.

The most enticing aspect of well-placed windows is the amount of natural light that is able to flood into the room. A big bright window, whether it’s over an entire wall or over your sink, will give the room depth and add to the feeling of spaciousness and airiness.

Windows also create a beautiful partnership with your outside environment and essentially blur the line between outside and in. Your outside flower garden instantly becomes a gem you can enjoy from your kitchen table, or you can create an herb garden of parsley, sage and rosemary along the window sill for instant green thumb points.

The possibilities are endless, but it all starts with the window!

The Beauty Of Big Kitchen Windows

Another important reason homeowners are choosing to dedicate large amounts of wall space in their kitchen to windows is for aesthetic purposes. Done right, it can create a timeless & unforgettable statement in a space that has to be highly functional.

Your eyes will be instantly drawn to the crisp, clean look big windows exhort and you will feel less pressure as large windows leave less room for clutter and give way to a more organic feel.

From the outside, large windows add instant curb appeal; they have a strong welcoming effect by creating an open and inviting feeling for any guest.


Are Big Kitchen Windows Energy Efficient?

3Big windows can raise big questions for some homeowners, and might seem like an overwhelming commitment. Questions regarding energy efficiency are frequent.

“How will the installation of big windows affect my energy bills?”

New windows, even big windows, are more energy efficient than most older model windows.

Most new windows that are installed, no matter the size, have a low thermal emissivity (low-E) to reduce the transfer of heat.

Add on the increased natural light and airflow that comes with large windows, you are actively moving towards a more energy efficient home.

Tasteful Design And Privacy

Another discussion point that comes up with large windows is tackling the task of dressing them in a tasteful manner. Depending on your privacy needs, there are positive, exciting solutions across the board.

If privacy isn’t an issue, more and more people are opting out of window treatments and working with the natural light and view their kitchen windows have to offer. This is a great way to showcase that big maple tree in your private backyard, or give your kitchen a backdrop of the wooded area next to your home.

If privacy is important, there are great options to add a punch of pattern and style to your windows. Roman shades provide a high level of privacy and a cool break from the hot sun. Shutters can add to your traditional or cottage style kitchen and can be painted or stained to match your windows.

A simple valance can go a long way, and can be highly personalized to perfectly accent the design of your kitchen.


With all the options out there, the only issue will be picking which window treatment you like best!

Final Thought

We’re seeing a lot of big windows in kitchens with our designs and builds. People are looking to bring the outdoors into their home. They are looking for more natural light and openness to the home that connects them with the sunshine and the beauty of Mother Nature.

If you’re looking for an updated design in your home than big windows in the kitchen could be just the ticket!