The Best High-End Kitchen Appliances

Once you’re done choosing paint colors, materials, backsplash and other design components of remodeling your kitchen, its time to choose appliances that’ll match your newly done space. You have to consider everything from cooktops, ovens, hoods, refrigerators, microwaves, and dishwashers to even a wine fridge if you’re feeling fancy! Just like any market, there are tons of kitchen appliance brands out there for you to choose from. So how does one decide with so many options? We’ve compiled four of our favorite high-end kitchen appliance brands to help you narrow down the options.


Gaggenau is known for its high quality manufacturing and sophisticated designs. Their designs are so sleek it can turn any kitchen into a modern culinary experience. Their modular cooktops in particular are extremely versatile to create the cooktop that you and your family need. Each cooktop is designed to fit together to form your perfect cooktop and will sit flush- or surface-mounted within a stainless steel frame. Have the steamer next to the electric grill, the deep fryer next to the gas cooktop or even have an electric grill and teppan yaki grill side by side – its all up to you!


Bosch is one of the most affordable high-end brands in the market right now. They have won multiple awards from leading consumer publications, J.D. Powder and Associates and ENERGY STAR for everything from #1 rated dishwashers, #1 rated gas cooktops, highest in customer satisfaction to sustained excellence. The Ascenta Dishwasher and the 30” Gas Cooktop are their most popular bestsellers. The dishwasher incorporates 18 unique sound-reducing technologies to make Bosch one of the quietest dishwasher brands in the US. The 30” Gas Cooktop is unique because it has five burners within a 30” cooktop space – a rare feature. It’s great for those working in kitchens with limited space. Not only does Bosch manufacture standard kitchen appliances but they also produce kitchen mixers and coffee machines – which is key for those who like getting all of their appliances from one brand.


Miele (pronounced Mee-luh) originally started off as a dishwasher, laundry and vacuum cleaner company. So it’s no surprise that Miele has one of the highest rated dishwashers compared to other brands. Ranked next to the Bosch’s Acenta Dishwasher, the Miele brand offers more reliability and better dry system. Miele’s dishwasher requires almost no service repairs because it’s just that great. Along with all the basic dishwasher essentials, Miele’s dishwashers have soft close doors, LED interior lights, a time remaining display and are eerily quiet so that you can listen your favorite tunes while waiting.

high-end kitchen appliances
high-end kitchen appliances


Thermador is part of Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Corporation, the third largest appliance manufacturer in the world, and they specialize in ovens, ranges, cooktops, refrigerators and dishwashers. Founded in 1916, Thermador pioneered the first wall oven and cooktop, stainless steel to home appliances, retractable pop-up downdraft ventilations system and much more. One of their best feats is the built-in refrigerator that can be personalized to fit your cooking style and design aesthetics. Choose from side-by-side, freestanding, under-counter, wine columns and much more. Each fresh food and freezer column has its own evaporator and compressor to eliminate odor transfer and keep food fresher with better airflow. Not only are the configurations customizable but you can also choose a custom cabinet panel for the build-in refrigerators to blend in with your new kitchen cabinets.