The Best and Worst Colors for Home Decor

We're always hearing about the "best ofs" in interior design and home decor: the best kitchen tables for small spaces, the best light fixtures for a modern bathroom, the best appliances for an eco-friendly home. But as helpful as these types of lists are in making decisions for our homes, it's also important to consider the opposite end of the spectrum: the "worsts." Knowing the options that should be instantly eliminated can help whittle down the design elements that are right for you just as easily as the "bests." before and after kitchen 4

In their March 2016 Color issue, the decorating experts at Better Homes & Gardens narrowed down the best color palette of 2016, but just as importantly, polled readers and experts on colors that their audience loved the least. Here are a few of the most interesting results from their polls:

Inside the Home Neutrals are the most popular choice for walls. Not surprisingly, most people prefer neutral paint colors;  57% of the BHG readers polled said that their walls were neutral, while 43% report that their walls were painted in color.

Outside the Home The most popular choices for a front door are also neutrals, with 24% of readers reporting a white front door and 23% reporting a door with a wood finish. Forty-eight percent said their front door was a different color (blue, green, red, brown, gray, etc.). Only 5% of readers say that the color of their front door is black.

The Least Popular Decor Colors 58% of the readers polled said that orange was the color they were least likely to decorate with, followed by black (43%) and violet (42%).

The Most Popular Decor Colors The largest number of readers (64%)said that blue was their favorite color for decorating, followed by green (49%).

Do you agree with these results? What are your favorite colors for decorating your home?