Beautiful Ideas for a Luxurious Shower

luxurious shower 3 More and more, the bathroom is becoming the retreat in the home. A place to relax and unwind after a long day, or start a new one with energy and focus. The heart of any rejuvenating bathroom? The shower. Make yours your favorite spot in your home with these luxurious shower ideas.

1. Install a rainfall shower head. Take a cue from nature and install a rainfall shower head. The slower water flow and wider stream create a serene, peaceful experience.

2. Opt for a steam shower. Turn your bathroom into your new favorite spa by choosing a steam shower. A steam shower transforms your bathroom into your own personal steam room, filling your shower stall with warm, moist air that soothes sore muscles and tired minds alike. For an even better upgrade, opt for a steam generator  with scent options, like eucalyptus.

3. Add a spot to sit. What better place to enjoy a steam than from a built-in bench seat surrounding the perimeter of your shower?

luxurious shower 2

4. Let the light in. A frameless, glass-walled surround not only looks high-end, it floods your shower with invigorating natural light.

5. Make it multimedia. Tvs and speakers in the bathroom aren't just for hotels anymore. Installing built-in television or set of speakers is becoming an increasingly popular option in luxury bathroom design, so homeowners can catch up on the morning news, or listen to soothing tunes while they shower.

6. Add shelving. Don't forget the simple luxuries, like the ease of convenient organization. Shelving that's custom-built to suit your needs ensure you'll have a place for everything (and won't wind up tripping over shampoo bottles on the floor on your way in and out of the shower).

7. Build it for two. A double shower is replacing the double vanity as the master bath must-have for couples. Whether you and your spouse are trying to get ready at the same time, or you're enjoying the grand space solo, a shower stall for two adds functionality and luxury to the bathroom.

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