Bathroom Design Ideas to Beat the Cold Weather

Whether it’s taking an extra few minutes in the shower in the morning or coming home after a long day of work to a relaxing bath, there’s no better room to beat winter’s chill in than your bathroom. If you’re considering a remodel or just want to add a few extras in your bathroom to keep warm this season, here are a few design ideas to consider adding before the first frost hits. bathroom design ideas

Heated floors Radiant-heat floors are the perfect cold weather solution. Besides giving your feet a little extra comfort after stepping out of the shower, they will also help you to cut down on your energy usage and save you money on your heating bill, especially if you install the hydronic variety. In many parts of Europe this is the preferred method of heating your bathroom, so why not jump on the bandwagon before it fully hits the U.S.

Towel Warming Racks There’s nothing worse than stepping out of the shower in the winter and instantly getting goose bumps from the chilly air. Rather than blasting the heat in your house to combat the out-of-the-shower chill, install a towel warming rack in your bathroom to give you the luxury of warm towels right out of the shower.

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Steam Shower When remodeling their bathrooms, many homeowners are opting to bring the spa experience home with them by swapping out their ordinary showers for a steam shower. Besides being a great way to defrost after a chilly walk home, they have many added health benefits, including improving your circulation, and decreasing stress.

Soaking Tub While it’s easy to opt for a quick, cool shower in the summer, on cold winter days, a long relaxing bath sounds much more appealing. While standard tub and shower combos are a staple in most modern homes, soaking tubs are gaining popularity because of their comfort level and depth, which means no more worrying about overflowing your tub. If your bathroom has the space, a soaking tub is a great option to consider. Keep in mind that tubs made of materials like copper, brass, volcanic limestone and soapstone are the best options because of their ability to retain heat.

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