All The Options You Have For Your Kitchen Countertops

Countertops hold many responsibilities in your kitchen; from being a major design element, to being a hub for coffee makers & cutting boards--they do it all, and depending on what you install in your home, they will do it well!

We've put together a guide together of our top countertops & how to begin whittling down the plethora of options out there. Take a look at these questions every homeowner should consider, then see what attributes work best for you as we break down a few kitchen countertop materials.


Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Details: Do you have a certain countertop in mind already? Maybe you've seen a remodel that has countertops you were drawn to. What did you like about them? Maybe you are going into your remodel with an overarching theme & need to find the perfect countertop(s) to meet your design needs. Think about every aspect of your future countertops, from the overhang to the thickness & get comfortable with all the options out there. Take time to look at various options & feel & touch them!

Function: Fortunately (or unfortunately?) there isn't a one size fits all countertop for everyone. From granite to marble, to wood & stainless steal, each have their own level of durability, maintenance level & stain resistance. Do you see yourself whipping out daily meals for your family or entertaining on the weekends? Do you have kiddos that may need a higher stain resistant countertop? Do you consider your kitchen low-traffic? All of these questions will lead you down the right path of picking out your perfect fit material.

Be Open to Mixing It Up! Do you find yourself drawn to a couple different material options? Maybe it's a sign that you should incorporate both materials into your kitchen. Do you have a knack for cooking and baking & want to incorporate a butcher block? Maybe that butcher block island paired with granite countertops is the perfect mix-up for your kitchen! Or maybe stainless steal countertops with a concrete island will make your industrial kitchen complete.

The look & feel of the countertops you pick out should aid in the overall design of your kitchen! Take a small journey through a few of the latest kitchen countertops options here.



Granite is the most popular stone countertop material for both kitchen remodels and new home builds. It comes in hundreds of colors & patterns, and holds up to the toughest cooks. Every kitchen that has granite countertops has it's own unique surface, as no two granite pieces are the same---they are quite beautiful pieces of art right at your fingertips!

You can have granite installed as a slab or tiles, with tiles being a more budget friendly option. A slab will give you a clean, seamless look that is easy to maintain and keep clean. Granite can have a polished, honed or leather finish. Polished is the most easy to clean, but shows the most imperfections, while honed is a bit more porous, but helps mask any scratches or gouges.

Granite granite



Marble is the epitome of luxury and sophistication. It's sleek look & coloring offers any kitchen beauty and style. Marble comes in two varieties; Carrera is white or gray-blue with veining, while Calacatta is white with quite distinct veining. Carrera is more common, while Calacatta marble is considered very high end and luxurious.

Marble is more susceptible to stains than granite, but with prevention & sealing you can have your marble countertops last a lifetime. If you love the look of marble, but don't want to commit to your entire kitchen, consider doing a slab on your kitchen island!



Concrete is a versatile material that can be used for more than just your floors! It offers an industrial look or a different spin on a traditional kitchen that we love installing!

There a tons of staining options and shape options available with concrete that allow you to individualize the material and fit it to your own space. It needs to be sealed to avoid staining, is a big time player against tough kitchen use & will need a strong support system.

Concrete Concrete

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is making the epic voyage from commercial to residential kitchens, and we like it! Stainless steel is tough, heat resistant, and can fend for itself in a high traffic kitchen. It offers a very distinguished look, but be wary of fingerprints showing up easily & the higher risk of dents.

There are a wealth of options out there for kitchen countertops & each type holds different functions and levels of durability. The key to success to your home remodel, or revamping of your kitchen is to hone in on these different functionalities and see what best matches up with your and your families cooking and kitchen needs.