Why Put an Addition on Your Home?

Putting an addition on your home is no small task. Designing and building a fluid, functional addition can take months, and cost tends of thousands or dollars. If you're considering it, you might also be wondering whether it's really necessary, or if you can get by without one. We've done dozens of home additions, and have found that most of them stem from a few common problems--and that homeowners who decide to expand for these reasons are always happy with their choices. Below, a few of the top reasons to put an addition on your home. home addition

You need more space but you don't want to move. Does this problem sound familiar? You purchased your home when your children were small, and now they're all teenagers and want their own space (or you want your own space!). At the same time, your kids love your neighborhood and would be devastated to have to switch schools or move away from friends. This is the most common reason families decide to put an addition on their space, and from our experience, it's always a good compromise.

home additon 5

You don't like the look of your home. Wanting an addition on your home doesn't have to stem from purely functional reasons. An addition can also completely change the look of your home for the better. One great example is a project we did in Wellesley for a couple who wasn't crazy about the cookie-cutter, dated raised-ranch style of their new home, but loved the location. The addition of a few frontal columns and extended entryway make the exterior feel grand and unique, while the rest of the addition was built behind the home.

A new entryway creates a totally different look.

You love the charming look of New England style, but want more function. Classic New England architecture is like none other. It's historic, it's charming, and it's timeless. At the same time, if you live in a house that was built in the 1700s, 1800s, or early 1900s, there's a good chance it lacks a few modern comforts, like high ceilings, open-concept floor plans, or enough electrical amps to support modern appliances. Putting an addition on your historic home gives you the best of both worlds: colonial charm, plus today's conveniences, and is a popular compromise for many New England homeowners.

home addition 4

Your parents are aging. The final reason many of our clients choose to put an addition on their home? Their elderly parents are moving in, and they want to create a comfortable, accessible, and semi-private space for them to live. This can be a wonderful, practical solution to spending time with and caring for aging parents, and we've seen many of our clients (and their families) be thrilled with the end results.

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Considering putting an addition on your home? Get in touch with Divine Design Build to discuss the functional and aesthetic needs of your space.