How to Add Style to Your Kitchen

There's more to kitchen design than just choosing countertops and cabinets. Adding in a few decorative touches like a statement throw rug or patterned wallpaper will give your space a more personal feel. If you’re looking to add some style to your space, here are eight easy decorating tips to spruce up your space without having to completely renovate your kitchen.

Throw Rugs One way to spruce up a cool-toned kitchen is with a bright throw rug. A rug with deep colors and a detailed pattern will hide stains, will be comfortable underfoot while cooking, and will add texture to your space. Just make sure you choose a rug that is suitable for the foot traffic you’ll have in your kitchen…you can’t go wrong with a hardwearing fabric like wool.

throw rugs

Artwork Whether it’s a visually appealing typographic piece or a statement painting, there’s no denying that artwork will add style to your space.

Greenery Greenery is an instant color booster to your space. You can either place them on the counter or hang them from above, cascading down over a window. plants

Glass Front Cabinets After investing in quality china pieces, why hide them behind closed cabinet doors? Opting for glass front cabinets instead is a great way to show off your beautiful china pieces and add visual appeal to the room.

Wallpaper While many homeowners are hesitant to add wallpaper to their kitchen, wallpaper is an easy way to add style and color. Choose a simpler pattern and stick with your kitchen’s color story. wallpaper

Colored Appliances Many homeowners and interior designers alike look to appliances, both large and small, to infuse their kitchens with color. Vibrantly hued gadgets are everywhere in stores, so the only hard part is choosing which one you like best.

Curtains It’s easy to add style to a kitchen with just a simple curtain switch. Whether you’re playing along with the soft hues of your kitchen or going with a pop of color, curtains are perhaps the easiest and quickest way to add style.

Photo via Cheryl Scrymgeour Designs

A Colorful Backsplash Adding style and drama to your kitchen is as easy as adding a colorful backsplash.

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