8 Things You Can Do With a Master Bathroom Addition

Building a master bathroom addition gives you the chance to explore all of the luxuries that your dream bathroom would have. Whether it’s a claw-foot tub, a fireplace to cozy up to, or a chic vanity to apply your makeup at, this is your chance to create a space that you can look forward to relaxing in. To help you jump-start your planning, here are eight great options to consider adding to your addition plan. bathroom addition - shower

Install A Separate Shower In standard bathrooms a shower and tub are combined into one simple unit, but a bigger space gives you the option to separate them. If you’ve looked through any home magazines, you know that when it comes to showers, the options are endless. Whether you’re considering separate his and her showers, a frameless glass shower enclosure, or an open shower with a river rock floor, choose an option that best fits your taste.

Free Standing Tub There’s nothing quite like a long, luxurious soak in the tub after a stressful week. If you’re looking to create a spa-like feel with your new addition, a freestanding tub is a great option. As the demand for these tubs has become greater, manufacturers have branched out from traditional cast-iron tubs and have constructed acrylic and fiberglass ones for a lighter and cost-friendlier option. Whichever material you choose, you can’t go wrong with a claw-foot, pedestal, or soaking tub. master bathroom fireplace

Add a Fireplace Heat up your master bathroom by installing a fireplace. Though it might seem like a fireplace is meant only for your living room, this traditional design element is becoming more common in bathroom suites. Homeowners have a variety of prefab fireplace options and if you’re worried about the ventilation, newer and smaller gas fireplaces often require no ventilation or a simple vent to an outside wall.

Add Dual Vanities When adding an addition many couples opt for dual vanities. This will give each of you more personal space for your morning and nightly routines as well as giving you expanded counter space to store your belongings.

master bathroom vanity station

Add a Vanity Space Consider adding an open counter space with place for a chair to add style and functionality to your new bathroom.

Increased Storage Space Now that you’re adding an addition, make sure that you’re considering your options for storage. Instead of cluttering all of your products under the sink, get creative with your cabinet and shelving layout and go for more drawers to increase space.

Create an Adjacent Closet Have your bathroom transition into an adjacent walk-in closet to expedite your morning routine.

Include a Washer Dryer Installing a washer and dryer in your master bathroom is a growing trend. The ease of taking off your clothes before you step into the shower and popping them into the washer is unparalleled. This option is especially convenient for those who travel a lot, as it makes packing and unpacking your suitcase much easier.