8 Beautiful Master Suite Remodeling Ideas

Your master suite should be your retreat from the world. Calming and comfortable; The room that you look forward to tucking into at the end of the day. It should also be a place of beauty, where everything from the window panes to the sheets are a reflection of your personal style. Last but not least, it should be functional, offering storage, seating, and space to meet your needs. Here, we're offering eight of our favorite master suite remodeling ideas to help you create a space that achieves all three goals.

1. A window seat. A truly all-encompassing master suite will offer a place to relax that's not the bed.  And what's more fun--or cozy?--than a built-in window seat piled high with pillows?

master suite remodeling ideas - porch home

2. A beautiful balcony. Taking in the sunset or enjoying your morning coffee is even better when it's done from a picturesque perch directly off of your bedroom.

master suite remodeling ideas bedroom balcony - buzzfeed

3. A fireplace. When it's too cool to enjoy the balcony, cozy up in front of your fireplace, instead.

master suite remodeling ideas bedroom fireplace

4. A luxurious dressing room. Why settle for a simple closet when you can have a well-appointed dressing room complete with custom shelving, plush carpet, and a dramatic light fixture?

master suite remodeling ideas

5. Floor-to-ceiling windows. Flood your bedroom with natural light and soak in a stunning view by installing floor-to-ceiling windows or a pair of French doors to a balcony beyond.

master suite remodeling ideas

6. Turn the bathroom into a spa. A separate soaking tub and glass-walled rain shower and calming color scheme elevate an everyday bathroom into a place to  relax and unwind.

master bathroom soaking tub - entirely eventful day

7. Add architectural detail. Give your master suite a stately feel by adding in architectural detail like wainscoting, tray ceilings, or crown molding.

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8. Add a showstopping light fixture. Chandeliers needn't be saved for the entryway or above the dining table. If your ceiling height allows, install a bold chandelier above the bed to create a dramatic focal point for your room and make the space feel special. Low ceilings? Go for an embellished flush-mount instead.

master bedroom remodel ideas

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