8 Beautiful, Functional Kitchen Island Ideas

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but a good island is the heart of the kitchen. Kitchen islands can serve dozens of purposes, from breakfast bars, to extra prep space, to organization central or all of the above. Don't let this all-important spot in your kitchen go to waste! Here are eight beautiful, functional kitchen island ideas to help you make the most of your space. 1. Add a prep sink. Big on entertaining? Consider adding a prep sink to your island to make cooking for a crowd (or even a family dinner) all the easier.

Kitchen island ideas - prep sink

2. House appliances. Get small appliances like microwaves and toaster ovens off of the countertops by building them into your island.

kitchen island ideas - appliances

3. Make it two-tone. A two-tone kitchen island makes the feature the focal point of the room. Here, not only is the main island a departure from the cabinetry, but a small, butcher-block topped prep island at the end adds an additional dose of contrast to the room. kitchen island ideas - two tone new

4. Add extra storage. In a small kitchen, an island can provide invaluable storage space for pots and pans, utensils, or servewear.

kitchen island ideas - storage

5. Build a breakfast bar. In this industrial-style kitchen, an expansive island created seating for four and an informal spot to gather.

kitchen island ideas - breakfast bar

6. Create a workspace. True, this island may be more of a peninsula, but the idea is the same: Add extra counterspace at the end of an island to create a makeshift home office.

kitchen island ideas - workspace

7. Make it multifunctional. The owners of this small kitchen in a Boston brownstone maximized efficiency by making their island a spot to sit, a place for storage, and a home for small appliances.

kitchen island ideas - multipurpose

8. Add a cooktop. There are truly no limits when it comes to the function of your kitchen island. If it makes the most sense for the design or flow of your space, consider installing your cooktop right in the center of the kitchen.

kitchen island ideas - cooktop


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