8 Beautiful Country Kitchen Ideas

Country kitchens are characterized by several design elements that come together to create a warm and inviting space. Unlike many modern kitchens with sleek appliances and a minimalist design theme, country kitchens combine vintage and modern pieces to give off more of an eclectic feel. From warm paint hues, to standout sinks and cabinet styles, these kitchen spaces have a personality all of their own. If you’re thinking of transforming your space into a warm country kitchen, here are eight design elements you may want to consider.

  1. A Beadboard Backsplash

A beadboard backsplash is an easy and inexpensive way to add character and light to your kitchen. Its rich, handmade appeal adds warmth to the space and if you’re handy with a saw, this DIY project will only take a few hours and a trip to your local hardware store to complete.

Painted beadboard backsplash

  1. A Farmhouse Sink

Adding a farmhouse sink to your kitchen is one sure-fire way to make your space stand out. These single, large basin sinks have a distinctive apron front that gives off a vintage feel that will fit in perfectly with a country themed kitchen.


  1. Gingham Curtains/Chair Upholstery

There’s no better design element to make a country kitchen pop than a classic gingham pattern. Whether you accentuate your windows with red gingham curtains or use the pattern for chair cushions, this classic style is what country dreams are made of.

Gingham Curtains

  1. Farmhouse Table

Adding simplicity and rustic appeal to a kitchen is as easy as adding a farmhouse table. This sturdy design element beckons guests to gather around for a family style dinner. To add even more antique charm to your space, consider matching your table with wooden benches instead of chairs to further open up the room.

Farmhouse Table

  1. Butcher Block Counter Tops

For anyone contemplating a country style kitchen, butcher-block counter tops are a simple and low-cost way to transform your space and add a bit of rustic charm. This counter top style ages gracefully over time, and unlike other counter materials a few knicks and scratches actually give the wood character, so you won’t be worried about its fragility.

butcher block counter tops

  1. Bronze Fixtures and Hardware

For an appearance with timeless appeal, consider replacing your existing kitchen hardware with oil rubbed bronze handles, knobs, or a faucet. Bronze has a vintage style allure that will standout against classic wood cabinetry and will give your space a casual, country look.

Bronze Fixtures and Hardware

  1. Barn Lighting

If you’re looking to create a warm ambience in your kitchen, look no further than barn lighting. While usually a staple in outdoor spaces, barn lighting has become a popular element in kitchen design. Hanging a pendant-style light over your kitchen table or bar area is a sleek way to add a subtle industrial touch.

Barn Lighting

  1. Pale colors

Country kitchens are often categorized by their neural colors. Creamy whites, pale yellows, and powdery blues, are all great shades that can create a country vibe in your cooking space. These colors pair especially well with warm wood tones, so if you have a farmhouse table or a butcher block countertop, adding a sage green color to the wall or cabinetry is a great offset to the blocky wood design elements.

Pale Colors