6 Alternatives to White Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets have been, far and away, the most popular choice for homeowners looking to redesign or remodel their kitchen over the last few years. It's not hard to see the appeal: white cabinets are bright, contemporary, and classic all at once. But, like all trends, this one may have gotten to be too popular for some: we've recently noticed an increasing number of clients asking for alternatives to all-white cabinets, in order to create a kitchen that's more unique and personal to their style. If you love white cabinetry but are wondering whether you should choose something a little more original, here are six beautiful alternatives that'll give you a unique look.

1. Painted gray cabinetry. The next-most popular neutral hue for kitchen cabinetry right now is gray. But the beautiful thing about gray is the sheer number of shades it comes it, from medium-toned smoky gray, to dark charcoal or almost-white cloud gray, the options for customizing the hue are almost endless. Gray cabinets also look beautiful when paired with another big kitchen design trend of the moment: brass hardware.

gray kitchen cabinets

2. Two-tone cabinetry. Two tone cabinetry is the perfect option for those who love white kitchen cabinets but want a way to make the look more unique. Choose white for either the upper or lower cabinets, and then order the remaining set in a different shade. A few of our favorite pairings with white: espresso brown, navy blue, or pale gray.

Two tone gray white cabinets

3. Painted black cabinetry. Going for a look that's literally on the opposite end of the spectrum can be more appealing to those who prefer white than you might think. Black cabinets still offer a modern-yet-classic look, and can still feel bright if paired with a white backsplash and countertops, and warm brass hardware.

Image via HonestlyWTF

4. Walnut. Wood tones may seem dated, but there's at least one that's coming back into fashion: Walnut. Blame it on the resurgence of midcentury design or a reaction to the stark white trend, but warm walnut tones are becoming more and more popular for homeowners who want a modern look. Walnut toned cabinetry looks best with chrome or polished nickel hardware.

walnut kitchen cabinets

5. Taupe cabinetry. Shades of taupe and beige are another neutral option that's similar to gray, but offers a slightly warmer finish. If you choose this look, opt for cooler tones for a more contemporary result, or warmer ones for a traditional look. Taupe finished are typically offered as a wood stain or a paint.

Image via Saturday House

6. Lacquered white cabinetry. Another great way to put a twist on traditional white cabinetry is to simply go high-shine. Lacquered white cabinets feel sleek and modern, and are a stylish, bolder alternative to matte options.

1-South End kitchen after

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