5 Kitchen Design Ideas That Make Entertaining Easier

The end of October signals the start of the holiday season...also known as entertaining season. A time where friends and family gather, almost constantly it seems, to celebrate with music, mingling, and most importantly, food and wine. If you find yourself playing the perennial hostess in your family, it helps to have a kitchen designed to handle a crowd. It can make food prep more efficient, leaving you more time to visit with your guests, give partygoers a place to gather, and more. If you love to entertain and are considering a kitchen remodel, you might want to consider one of these kitchen design ideas that make entertaining easier.

bar station

1.  A double range. If you've ever hosted Thanksgiving with a single oven, then you know getting everything out on the table at the same time can be an intricate, complicated dance (thanks mostly in part to a turkey that takes up almost the entire oven for a good six hours). A double range not only offers twice the capacity, but the option to cook different dishes on different settings, ensuring everything comes out perfectly done and perfectly on time.

2. A built-in coffee system. If your family loves a post-dinner espresso, a coffee system that is built in to your cabinetry allows everyone to help themselves, and also frees up countertop space for food prep and serving. Plus, it might just be your sanity saver during the busy holiday season.


3. A large island. An oversized island will come in handy time and time again. Use it for extra counter and storage space, as a breakfast bar where guests can gather, as a serving station, or a spot to install a prep sink.

4. A bar. Creating a separate bar area--ideally apart from the main kitchen work area and prep space--will allow your guests to serve themselves without worrying about getting in the way or having to ask you where they can find more wine. It will also allow you to easily take visual inventory of what you might need to pick up on your next pre-party run to the liquor store.

kitchen island ideas - two tone

5. A butcher block. One easy way to cut down on dishes during a party? Install  butcher block surface where you can do all of your cutting and prep work, eliminating the need for multiple cutting boards. Just be sure to prevent cross contamination by ensuring any raw meats or eggs are prepared in a designated area of the countertop.