4 Ways to Add Color to Your Bathroom

The major trend in bathroom design over the last five years has been spaces with a spa-like feel: clean, airy, and most often, white. But if you prefer a pop of color in your bathroom or you're simply sick of neutral design, there are plenty of ways to add your favorite hue to your bathroom. Here are a few ideas. Mosaic tile. Highlight a focal point or key feature in your bathroom with colorful mosaic tile, like the homeowner did here with the green accent wall surrounding the stunning fireplace in their master bathroom. If you have a smaller space, try a bright mosaic on the floor of the shower or as a backsplash behind the sink instead.

add color to your bathroom - master bathroom fireplace

Textiles.  A simple and versatile way to add color to you bathroom? Incorporate it through textiles like window treatments, bath rugs, and towels. You'll not only get a brighter space without a huge investment of time or money, but you'll also have the option to easily switch up the look of the space by simply swapping out your textiles as you get tired of them or need a refresh.

master bathroom vanity station

3-Form paneling. In lieu of wallpaper, which can warp and peel in a humid bathroom, consider trying 3-Form paneling, seen here above the sink. The panels, made of pressed glass or eco-resin. are durable and waterproof but also make  a creative and unexpected way to add both color and print to the bathroom. 3-Form panels come in hundreds of solid color and pattern options.

contemporary-bathroom 2

Paint.  Of course, there's always the option of painting your bathroom in a non-neutral shade, too. To preserve a relaxing, zen-like atmosphere, try soft shades of blue or green. If you'd rather create an enveloping, dramatic space, opt for deeper hues of navy or purple, and for an invigorating, energizing room, try painting the walls with a crisp shade of yellow. Want just a hint of color? Try a painted vanity or ceiling instead.

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