13 Gorgeous Walk-In Closet Ideas

For those of us who love fashion, a beautifully designed walk-in closet is a dream come true. What better way to show off your gorgeous shoe collection or display your prized vintage pieces than with custom shelving and cabinets? If you’re planning a closet renovation any time soon or just want to take a peak at how Elton John displays his sunglasses, here are 13 swoon-worthy closets from around the world. Photo via House Beautiful

1. One way to add elegance to your closet is with a chandelier. Since most closets lack windows to cast natural light into the room, a large light fixture is a necessity to highlight your clothing collection. This walk in closet features a pink Belle Epoque chandelier that casts a rosy glow over the room, really adding to the vintage feel of the space.

Photo by Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

2. It’s important to stick with a theme in your closet, and this bronze themed room is no exception. Custom built closet doors with gold-leafed wood paneling and antiqued mirrors create a cohesive look throughout.

Photo via Architectural Digest

3. It’s no surprise that Elton John’s English estate would include custom built shelving to house his extensive sunglass collection. While you might not need quite as much space for your own accessories, custom-built shelves are a great option to house the items you own most of.

Photo via William Waldron for Architectural Digest

4. Maximize your space and accessibility by adding a rolling shoe rack and library ladder, like actress Brooke Shields did in her Greenwich abode.

Photo via Pinterest

5. Lounge furniture in your closet will add a cozy feel to the room so that you can sit back and relax while contemplating that day’s outfit.

Photo via Elle Décor

6. Your closet is one place that you can really exercise your sense of style, so why not go bold with bright colored walls to accentuate your bold personality.

Photo via Elle Décor

7. Custom shelving is one way to keep things organized and designer Monique Lhuillier’s closet features enviable shelves lined with grey ultra-suede to add to the luxe feel of the room.

Photo by Firooz Zahedi for Architectural Digest

8. Custom wallpaper adds to the personality of your closet. Here Elizabeth Taylor shows off her taste with embroidered silk covered walls.

Photo via DecorPad

9. Your walk-in closet will be the first and last place you go in the morning and evening, so it’s natural that you’d want space for a vanity. This built-in gray make-up vanity topped with a dark natural stone counter gives you a place to touch up your makeup and top off your look with a spritz of perfume.

Photo via Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

10. This exquisite closet’s best feature? A rotating shoe rack. Not only is this a great space-saving option, but it’s also a great way to showcase your shoe collection and make it the focal point of your closet.

Photo via Lisa Adams Closet Design

11. Lighted hanging rods are an easy solution to add radiance to a room with no natural light.

Photo via Lisa Adams Closet Design

12. If you’re building your dream closet, why not include a built-in Sub Zero refrigerator? After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time in there, so why not keep your beverage options open.

walk in closet ideas

13. A large central island will command the space and create a central place for you to use to get ready.