10 Most-Liked Kitchen Ideas on Houzz

In the past few years, Houzz has become a go-to resource for homeowners looking for ideas, inspiration, and information on interior design and renovations. But, as a design build firm, it's also become one of our favorite places to showcase our work, stay on top of industry and design trends, and to find our what our customers and potential customers want and get excited about. When it comes to the latter -- figuring out what our customers are looking for -- we like to look at the popularity of the images we post to Houzz.  The more times a photo is saved, the more we figure the style or function is something that's important to our customers.

Here, we've rounded up the top-10 most saved photos from our Houzz profile, in the hopes that they'll provide you inspiration or a great idea for your kitchen remodel.

1. Drawer storage. The single most popular photo on our profile depicts one of our favorite ways to add additional storage to a home: the well-organized , creative use of drawer space.

kitchen storage ideas

2. Extra lighting. Second is another functional element we swear by in our kitchen design: Under cabinet lighting. It remains largely hidden, but provides excellent task lighting for prep work, or mood lighting when the rest of the lights in the space are off.

Under cabinet lighting

3. Turquoise tile. After years of all-white kitchen design, the popularity of this photo may signal new trends are coming. This uniquely designed kitchen features natural wood tones, and a turquoise backsplash and countertops. The effect is striking, and one-of-a-kind. contemporary kitchen with turquoise tile

4. High-contrast island.  This next ideas also happens to be one of our favorite combinations for a traditional home: the high-contrast combination of white cabinetry, and dark countertops and fixtures.

white kitchen island

5. All modern. On the opposite end of the spectrum is this beautiful, ultra-modern kitchen style which evokes a high-end display case more than a traditional kitchen.


 6. Neutral & minimal. The standout in this space? The row of cabinets suspended from the custom-designed plumb wall.

sleek - modern-kitchen

7.  Modern storage. The moveable pegs in this modular drawer storage is designed to keep dinnerware of all shapes and sizes neat and organized.

kitchen storage ideas

8. Secret storage. For many of our clients, the kitchen is also the "drop-zone" of the home. The place where the mail is stored and the junk drawer is housed. To keep the clutter contained, we his this tidy shelving system behind a pair of cabinet doors.

contemporary-kitchen-storage ideas

9. Built in flatware storage. Another organizational idea you love: installing custom-fit flatware organizers into a drawer to keep silverware and utensils neat.


10. Contrasting ceiling. This photo is all about style. This kitchen is a standout thanks to the combination of materials and textures, like the bright white cabinetry, glossy tile, and natural wood-toned ceiling.



For more kitchen design ideas, be sure to follow us on Houzz, where we post all of our latest projects.