The Best European Brands for Kitchen Appliances

May 3rd, 2016 | Kitchens

When it comes to kitchen appliances, there are three European brands that dominate the market. Gaggenau, Miele, and Bosch are top companies that are known for their sleek design, high-quality performance, and innovative technologies. If you’re considering any new kitchen appliances, here’s a look into each brand.

Gaggenau German Commercial Appliances

Image via Gaggenau

Image via Gaggenau

Gaggenau has been the pioneering brand for home appliances for more than 300 years and they are known for bringing professional culinary technology to the domestic kitchen. Their impressive portfolio includes ovens, gas, electric, and induction cook-tops, modular refrigeration and freezer columns, dishwashers and wine storage units.

Their standout design is their robust, blue oven enamel. This special blend not only allows the inside of the oven to glow the typical Gaggenau blue, but also enables   automatic self-cleaning. Other well-known products include: the glass ceramic cooktop and the Combi-steam oven, the Vario cooling 400 series, which is the first modular system made from fully integrated built-in appliances, and the full surface induction cooktop CX 480, which allows its entire surface to be used as one large cooking zone.

Miele German appliances


Image via Miele

For over 100 years Miele has remained family-owned and operated and has followed a “Forever Better” brand promise in order to manufacture the highest-quality domestic appliances and commercial equipment in the world. They use rigorous testing to ensure that their products last for at least 20 years, giving them a leg up in the reliability sector. Their industry-leading products include washers, dryers, vacuums, dishwashers, rotary irons, speed ovens, freezers, refrigerators, and coffee systems, to name a few.

Not only is the brand committed to reliability, but also to sustainability. Miele manufactures durable products that conserve energy and put the least possible burden on the environment. It’s no surprise then that Miele continues to win awards for their outstanding products and is consistently named the “Most Trusted Brand by Readers Digest.”

Bosch Affordable German Luxury

Image via Thirdstone Inc.

Image via Thirdstone Inc.

Bosch home appliances are part of BSH, Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group, based in Munich, Germany. As Europe’s leading home appliance brand, Bosch is known for their performance, uncompromising quality, technical perfection, and reliability.

A few of their innovations include their 0°chilling technology to maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables and the introduction of the industry’s first built-in oven with integrated microwave and multipurpose oven. In addition, their dishwashers are known for their noise reduction and are recognized as the quietest in the U.S. Their stovetops also offer FlexInduction technology, which automatically recognizes the size and position of your cookware and only generates heat where it’s really needed.

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