Sometimes the best way to renovate is to add on. Better still – build UP. After successfully working with Divine designer Mariette Barsoum on their kitchen, staircase and guest bathroom these homeowners trusted Barsoum’s vision to build a new master suite ABOVE their existing kitchen. She turned unused attic space into their own personal, in-house getaway.


It’s hard to pick out a single “highlight” of this inviting master bathroom. Is it the romantic see-through gas fireplace that can be seen from either bedroom or bathroom? Is it the luxurious air tub elegantly placed under the new windows? Or is it the shades-of-green custom resin panels that are subtly backlit?


There are so many details in this bathroom that you have to look again and again. Soon you’ll notice that the shelves in the shower niche aren’t continuous. Or that those aren’t the expected granite countertops on the vanities – instead, they are made of “ice stone,” a mixture of concrete and glass that reflects the light and repeats the green accent color without being overpowering.

Today, even though they are close, this family of five no longer has to share the upstairs bathroom. Kids and guests don’t have to be jealous since they have their own designer bathroom.

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"My kitchen required a complete design change in order to have it function effectively. With Mariette’s help, we were able to double our cabinet space, triple our counter space and retain our eat-in-area – all without adding any square footage! Mariette was able to understand and design what we wanted for our kitchen, while contributing ideas which enhanced the project. In addition, all the materials she supplied (cabinets, countertops, hardware etc) were of superior quality. Further, Mariette’s part of the project was completed on time and on budget!"

- M.F. Needham, MA