Bathrooms are always a challenge. How does one maintain themes throughout the house in such a small space? How does one make a toilet look beautiful? How does one satisfy the client, and also answer the previous two questions? How? How? How? Well, Samantha DeMarco answers these questions and some in the final product of this bathroom. The spa, like the previous parts of the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home came with particular stipulations. The client wanted a clean, contemporary aesthetic. So clean, so contemporary, so…well so much so that the P trap had to be hidden. Which seems like a thoughtless, in the bag desire for any designer. WRONG. Building code regulations demand that certain parts of a bathrooms plumbing be easily accessible. So how does one make a p trap hidden, yet accessible? Well, by building it into a stone wall, with a matching cover. Duh?


Furthermore, Once Samantha designed for her clients the perfect accessible, secret panel into the p trap, her next process was in the bathroom mirror. Originally the bathroom mirror was intended to run to the corner of the wall. However, Samantha’s clients preferred to have the mirror end parallel to where the custom-pendant lights hung.

Additionally, Divine Design + Build installed the Maris by TOTO Wall-Hung Deal-Flush Toilet. The new appliance allowed for a more open feel in the space, as opposed to clunky appearance of a standard white, porcelain toilet mounted to the ground.

In conjunction with the TOTO appliances is the custom concrete sink.

Rounding out the bathroom is a brushed nickel Hansgrohe faucet.


The final rendering of this Frank Lloyd Wright inspired bathroom is stunning. From the creme, stone tiling to the red/fuschia pendant lights Samantha inspired a fresh new look with a wink to past mid-century modern modes. Effectively, this bathroom transformed and approached a total 180.

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"Mariette, our kitchen is beautiful, and those who have seen it just love the space, the feel and the use of color. From the beginning, it was a collaborative effort and Mariette was straightforward, honest and through the whole process, kept her work. She was also able to offer us a great product and excellent workmanship. We would highly recommend Divine and Mariette Barsoum to anyone."

- A.D. Wellesley, MA