Bathroom Tile Combinations That Work Well Together

August 26th, 2016 | Bathrooms

If you’re planning to re-tile your bathroom, you should also plan on incorporating at least two different tile styles: one for the floor, and one for the walls. The reason for doing this is one of both function and form. For one, flooring tile, especially in a shower, needs to be able to withstand heavy use and moisture, something wall tiles aren’t suited for. But choosing two different tile styles is also a design decision. It helps break up visually break up the room and gives the bathroom a high end, designer look.

So how do you know which tiles to choose for which application, and what styles look best together? Below, we’ve put together a few beautiful bathroom tile combinations that work well together.

Carrara Marble herringbone tile + Subway tile with gray grout

The combination of the the herringbone pattern of the floor and the on-trend subway tile on the shower walls feels fresh and current. To tie the two tiles together, we used gray grout on the shower walls which picked up the gray veining in the marble.
bathroom tile combinations bathroom tile combinations 7

Wood-look tile + 12 x 18 Marble tile + Hexagon shower tile + Glass accent tile

Four tile styles sounds like a lot, but in a large bathroom like the one below, it’s possible to use a bigger selection without the room feeling busy or mismatched. The key is to choose the tiles with color and scale in mind. All of the colors for the tile in the bathrooms below were pulled from the large marble wall tiles in the shower to keep the look cohesive. The wood-look floor tiles were done in a dark shade of brown, and the glass accent tile on the shower walls and hexagon tile on the floor match. The tiles are also scaled in small (accent tile and shower floor), medium (floor tile), and large (shower wall tile), which creates a sense of balance.

bathroom tile combinations 6 bathroom tile combinations 5

12 X 18 Tiles in two shades + Square shower floor tiles

The owners of this bathroom wanted a space that felt spa-like and serene, with clean lines and neutral colors. We chose simple 12×18 porcelain tiles which play off of the straightforward Shaker-style cabinetry. To differentiate the floors from the walls, we used two different shades of the warm beige. Finally, we installed simple square tiles on the shower floor to maintain the clean, straight-lined theme.

bathroom tile combinations 2

For more tile and shower combination ideas and design ideas for both bathroom and kitchen, visit our Houzz profile.

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